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Meet Yunhua Hou from China

International EsslingenStudents

Yunhua Hou is a first-semester student in the MBA in International Industrial Management. Due to the Covid situation, Yunhua Hou has started his studies on line from his home in China

To Esslingen & Back Again

My name is Yunhua Hou and it's a pleasure to share with you my experience in Esslingen as well as the motivation that has brought me here again.

I first came to Esslingen in 2012 for one semester, as an exchange student in the INTAP program. I chose to study in Esslingen because it is the partner school of my university in China, and it was a fantastic period for both my studies and my life, with excellent professors in the engineering fields and amazing classmates from other countries. For the first time, I had the opportunity to visit the most modernised factories in Bosch, Daimler, and Audi. My horizon and knowledge was broadened greatly in this highly engineering-centered area.

Starting Classes During Covid

Before I started my studies, I was worried about how the classes would be arranged due to the Corona virus. But I think all the school faculty worked hard to work out the class plan for us all and informed us in time. It all went well, and all the students were put together into a chat group to meet each other and share information, so we got to know each other virtually.

Studying at Esslingen University

I looked for an MBA program to better my career development in leadership and management. I wanted to combine my engineering background with my leadership experience in management, and go deeper into operations and finance. There's no doubt that the Esslingen MBA program is just the right choice for me.

What I like most about my studies at Esslingen University is that all my professors are very experienced, with years of work in the industry. And their way of teaching is both interesting and practical. I also really like it that the communication between students and school is always going on well: we are always simply put in the first place. I have a good feeling about my studies because Esslingen is an engineering location and this is a great strength for career development.

If I could ask the German students around me to do one thing for me... would be to just approach me and talk to me whenever there’s any issue related with culture differences. I’m quite open to know more about Germany and also let them know more about China and our culture.

More information on Esslingen‘s international graduate programmes:

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