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Jedes Jahr erstellt die Organisation "FindMBA" ein Ranking von Business Schools und ermittelt eine  globale Top-10-Liste. Seit 2020 gehört der Esslinger MBA neben anderen renommierten Schulen wie der ESADE Business School in Spanien und St. Gallen in der Schweiz zu den Top 10 Business Schools für Industrial Management & Manufacturing.

"Das ist wirklich ein Verdienst des gesamten Teams hier an der Esslinger Graduate School", sagt der Esslinger MBA-Studiengangleiter Prof. Dr. Michael Flad. "Wir setzen alles daran, uns ständig weiter zu verbessern. So stellen wir sicher, dass unsere Studierenden mit den veränderten Gegebenheiten nach ihrem Abschluss gut zurecht kommen."

Award Winning MBA

Esslingen MBA’s 3 New Majors Featured in Global Top 10

Every year, one of the top MBA informers ‘FindMBA’ comprehensively ranks business schools deemed in the top of their field and compiles a global top 10 list before presenting them with the annual FindMBA award. Now in 2020, the Esslingen MBA has held its position in the top 10 Business Schools for Industrial Management & Manufacturing alongside other prestigious schools such as ESADE business school in Spain and St Gallen in Switzerland.

“It’s really a credit to the whole team here at the Esslingen Graduate School”, says Esslingen MBA Academic Director Prof. Michael Flad. “We are all constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve to ensure our students are best equipped to navigate the changing landscape they will find themselves in after graduation.”

In 2020 The Esslingen MBA will launch its new ‘3 Major’ structure which will offer streamlined specialisations for students to hone their studies toward a specific area of Manufacturing and Industrial Management. These 3 Majors are a key component to the future thinking approach that consistently set the Esslingen MBA in its prominent positional among Business Schools.

The Esslingen MBA has taken the broad set of industrial engineering topics and focused them into Sustainable Production & Technology, Digital Transformation and General Management.

“We have designed the new program in such a way students are really able to get into the crux of the industry sub-section they are most interested in and which best matches their skill sets”, explains MBA Academic Director Prof. Flad.

 “Whether students want to focus on sustainable management concepts, examine and utilise the integrated technologies and smart manufacturing, or simply follow a classical industrial management MBA approach, we mix in some new ideas on using Entrepreneurial thinking in any business and send them out into the industry”, states Flad.

More Information

FindMBA is a Berlin based company who, since 2003, have prided themselves in providing a comprehensive and current directory of international MBA programmes as well as providing tools and editorial content for people interested in pursuing an MBA degree.

Congratulations to all the business schools featured in this year’s award list and to Esslingen University Graduate School for maintaining its high-ranking position once again.

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