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Study programmes without Numerus Clausus (NC-free)

Receive admission directly without application

The Hochschule Esslingen offers the possibility of direct enrolment for some Bachelor degree programmes.
This means that you can be sure of a place at the university.

For the start of the summer semester 2022, this applies to the following study programmes (Enrolment Deadline: 21 February 2022)

Now you can enrol – here’s how:

Before it can start...

Before you can start: Please check your requirements -->

In order to be able to study at the Hochschule Esslingen, you need school-leaving university entrance qualifications, , i.e., for example, Abitur or another corresponding qualification.

In addition, the following admission requirements apply

For the degree programme Engineering Education Building Services Engineering - Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc.) you need a pre-study internship for the application for the summer semster 2022, which you can also complete during the semester break.

Carry out a study orientation test -->

For enrolment, you need proof of participation in a study orientation procedure.

Study orientation test "What am I studying?

The enrollment in just a few steps

1. Fill in your enrolment application form

Fill in, print out and sign your enrolment application form.

2. Send in your documentation

Please send us all the necessary documentation before the deadline (see certificate of admission).

In any case, we need your

We may need further documentation (see certificate of admission) – for example:

  • documentary evidence of a successfully completed pre-degree placement/internship (if required for your degree course)
  • de-enrolment certificate (if you have already been a student at another university) (Sample template)

Please send your documentation by post to:

Hochschule Esslingen
S 52 00
- Zulassungsamt - – Admissions Office -
Kanalstr. 33
73728 Esslingen

3. Letter of welcome with further information

All done! When we have received all the necessary documents by the deadline, you will receive a package of information in the next few weeks.
It contains further details about your access data, enrolment certificates and other important documents.

FAQ’s and more detailed information

Enrolment by proxy


If you are unable to complete and sign the enrolment application personally, you can authorise another person to enrol you. In such cases, your application documentation should be accompanied by a letter (no forms required), signed by you, authorising a named person to apply for enrolment on your behalf.  The authorised person also has to remember to pay the necessary fees.

Enrolment Deadline

It is imperative that you observe the enrolment deadline of 21 February 2022 when you enrol.

You Enrolment Application must have arrived at the university by this date with all the documents mentioned.

If you are unable to submit certain documents by the enrolment deadline, please contact the Student Services and Degree Programme Management Department.

The enrolment deadline is a cut-off date; this means that if you miss this deadline, you have no other possibility to enrol.


Mandatory fees and subscriptions

You must pay the administration fee and the subscriptions to the Student Services Organisation and the Students’ Union on receipt of the payment request. This will be sent to you after your enrolment documents have been processed.

Please transfer the amount due in good time to the bank account stated in the payment request. Please ensure that the payment reference (‘Verwendungszweck’) is filled in completely and correctly! You will only be enrolled when your payment has been received at the finance authority (Landesoberkasse) by the deadline stated in the payment request. Please therefore ensure that the amount due is transferred in good time.


Exemptions from Student Union fees


Students with severe disabilities can be partially exempted from payment of Student Union contributions.

If you are entitled to use public transport free of charge due to a severe disability, you can apply to have the cost of the StudiTicket refunded. When you enrol/re-enrol, please pay the complete Student Union contributions and then write to the Stuttgart Student Union at Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, Rosenbergstr. 18, 70174 Stuttgart with a copy of your severe disability pass to request a refund (no form necessary). 

Pre-degree practical placement/internship

Evidence of a pre-degree practical placement/internship

With the exception of the engineering education degree programmes, the pre-study internships are suspended for the winter semester due to the Corona Statutes.

Degree Course Deadline
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Automotive Systems 
  • Engineering Education Automotive Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Education Mechanical Engineering - Automation Engineering
  • Engineering Education Building Services Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
The pre-degree practical placement/internship (12 weeks) has to be completed and certified by the beginning of the 3rd semester.
  • Building Services, Energy and Environmental Engineering
  • Engineering Education Electrical Engineering - Information Technology 
The pre-degree practical placement/internship (12 weeks) has to be completed and certified by the beginning of the 4th semester.
  • Engineering Education Information Technology - Electrical Engineering
The pre-degree practical placement/internship (12 weeks) has to be completed and certified by the beginning of the 6th semester.

You can find more details in the Regulations for pre-degree practical placements/internships.

De-enrolment certificate


If you have accepted a student place at another university, you have to withdraw from it, i.e. de-enrol as you cannot be enrolled at two universities at the same time.

Passport photo for the student card

Your passport photo

Without a passport photo we cannot issue you a student card. After your registration you will receive a letter with your access data to the university network. In this letter you will find information about what you need to consider when uploading your passport photo.

Apply for winter semester 2022/23!

For the summer semester 2022, direct enrolment for some open-admission degree programmes is still possible until 21 February.
Applications for the winter semester will be accepted from 15 April 2021 on.
Please note the different application times for our international Master's programmes.

More information
Admission Office

Mon, Wed, Fri: 9 - 11:30 h
Tue: 9 - 15 h
Thu: Closed
Esslingen City Centre Campus
Room: S01.129