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Degree programmes with no admission restriction (no Numerus Clausus)

Receive admission directly without application

At Esslingen it is possible to enrol directly for several degree programmes which have no admission restriction.

For the start of studies in the summer semester 2023, this option will be available for the following degree programmes:

Bachelor degree programmes

Master degree programme

orientation programme

Please note: The normal application procedure applies to all other Bachelor programmes. The application deadline for these programmes is 15 January.

What you have to do

Before you can begin...

Check the requirements -->

To be able to study at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences you must have a university entrance qualification, for example Abitur or another equivalent qualification.

The following admission requirements also apply

Those applying to study  Building Services, Energy and Environmental Engineering or Engineering Education: Building Services Engineering - Mechanical Engineering must also have pre-degree practical experience, although it is also possible to gain this in the semester break.

Take the orientation test -->

To enrol, you also need to include proof that you have completed the orientation procedure.
Orientation test "What shall I study"

Enrolment made simple

1. Im Online-Portal einschreiben

You can enrol directly using the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences online portal.

Online-Portal university Esslingenn

2. Generate and complete your Enrolment Application

  • After enrolling via the portal you will receive an email with a pre-completed PDF.  This is Page 1 of your Enrolment Application.
  • Please also complete pages 2 to 5 inclusive  of the Enrolment Application.

If you need additional pages for details of previous periods of study at other universities/universities of applied sciences, please use thesupplementary sheet.

3. Send us your application documents

Please send us all necessary documents by the enrolment deadline (1 March for the summer semester, 15 September for the winter semester)

Check that you have all the necessary documents:

Checklist Enrolment for degree programmes with no admission restriction

Please remember to submit your documents well before the deadline. The decisive date for meeting the application deadline is the date your documents are received at the university (not the date of the postmark), even when this day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday. We can unfortunately not make any exceptions to this deadline.

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
S 52 00
- Admissions Office -
Kanalstr. 33
73728 Esslingen/Germany

4. Letter of welcome with further information

All done! When we have received all the necessary documents by the deadline, we will send you a package of information in the next few weeks.

Would you like some preliminary information about your future university?

Ready to start: accommodation, local public transport and other useful tips

Starting your studies: your first few days at university

FAQ and detailed information

Enrolment authorisation


If you are not able to complete and sign the enrolment application yourself, you may authorise another person to do this on your behalf. In this case, the documents which you submit with your application must include an informal authorisation signed by you which authorises this person to submit the enrolment application on your behalf. The person you authorise must also remember to pay the amounts due.

Enrolment deadline


When enrolling for the above-mentioned degree programmes, please be sure to observe the enrolment deadline by

  •     15 September (for the winter semester)
  •     1 March (for the summer semester).

The Enrolment Application with all documents stated must have arrived at the university by this date.

If you are unable to submit certain documents by the enrolment deadline, please contact the Student Services and Degree Programme Management Department.

The enrolment deadline is a cut-off date; this means that when you miss this deadline, it is no longer possible to enrol.

Mandatory fees and subscriptions


You must pay the administration fee and the subscriptions to the Student Services Organisation and the Students’ Union on receipt of the demand for payment. When your documents have been received, you will be sent further information about what exactly to do next.

Please transfer the amount due in good time to the bank account stated in the demand for payment. You must also ensure that the payment reference (‘Verwendungszweck’) is filled in completely and correctly! You will only be enrolled when your payment has been received at the Landesoberkasse by the deadline stated in the demand for payment.

Please therefore ensure that the amount due is transferred in good time.


Exemption from Student Services Organisation subscription


Disabled students can be partially exempt from the Student Services Organisation subscription.

When the severity of your disability entitles you to use local public transport for free, you can apply to have the portion of the subscription which covers the StudiTicket reimbursed. Please pay the full Student Services Organisation subscription when you enrol/ re-enrol and then submit an informal application for reimbursement enclosing a copy of your disability ID card to Student Services Organisation Stuttgart, Rosenbergstr. 18, 70174 Stuttgart

Pre-degree practical experience


Degree programme Time schedule
  • Engineering Education: Building Services Engineering - Mechanical Engineering

The pre-degree practical placement/internship (12 weeks) must have been completed by the beginning of lectures in the 3rd regular semester and proof provided that this has been done.

  • Building Services, Energy and Environmental Engineering 
The pre-degree practical placement/internship (12 weeks) must have been completed by the beginning of lectures in the 4th regular semester and proof provided that this has been done.

Further details can be found in the Guidelines on pre-degree practical expierience.

Disenrolment confirmation


When you have already accepted the offer of a university place at a different university, you must cancel this acceptance or disenrol there, since you may not be enrolled at two universities at the same time.

Passport photo for the student identity card


We cannot issue your student identity card without a passport photo. After you have enrolled, you will receive a letter with your access data for the university network. This letter contains information on things to note when uploading your passport photo.

Apply for summer semester 2023!

Attention, the application phase only runs until 15 January.

Please note that the application deadlines for the international Master's degree programmes may differ.
Enrol directly in the open-admission degree programmes.

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Admission Office

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Esslingen City Centre Campus
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