Blended Intensive Pgrogramme (BIP)

The Blended Intensive Programs (BIP) represent an innovation in the Erasmus+ program generation 2021-2027. BIPs are intended to promote the use of innovative learning and teaching methods and the possibilities of online cooperation.

The development of short, intensive and joint curricula and activities aims to offer students (SM) and university staff (ST) the opportunity to participate in a short physical group mobility (5-30 days) combined with a virtual phase. The duration of the virtual mobility phase is not specified and can vary as required. The physical mobility can be carried out at the host institution or at another location in the host country.

At least 15 learners (students and/or university employees) must participate in a BIP. Funded students should be able to achieve at least 3 ECTS.

At least 3 ECHE universities from 3 different program countries are required for the conceptual development. Other universities or organizations from program countries or partner countries can optionally participate in a BIP. The physical stay of participants from partner countries must be financed by the sending institutions.

Blended Intensive Programmes at Esslingen University

BIP Faculty Social Work, Education and Nursing Sciences

For further information about faculty-led Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) visit the faculty website.


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