The Senate is the highest university board in which decisions are made that affect the whole University and all its students. The president sits on the board, together with the chancellor and the representative for equal opportunities. Elected members of the academic and support staff, as well as students, are also on the board.

The Senate makes decisions in matters of research, teaching, studying and advanced training insofar as these are not legally the responsibility of another body.  The Senate sits four times per semester.

The Senate of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences has the following members:

President's Office (Ex-officio term of office)

Equal Opportunities Representatives (Ex-Officio Term of office)

Professorial Representatives (Term of office 01.03.2021 – 28.02.2025)

Support Staff Members (Term of office: 01.03.2021-28.02.2025)

Students (Term of office: 01.03.2022 - 28.02.2023)

Tamara Cirillo, Faculty of Mobility and Technology
Marco Gertz, Faculty of Science, Energy and Building Services
Valentin Gross, Faculty of Science, Energy and Building Services
Dominik Magerle, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
Andreas Heinrich, nonvoting, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
Deputy Leonhard Gommel or Sascha Magerle, nonvoting, Faculty of Mechanical and Systems Engineering

Ex-officio advisory members


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