The Master in Social Work imparts knowledge of empirical social research as well as in-depth analytical and action skills

Master of Arts (M.A.)Social Work

In the degree programme, you learn how to apply qualitative and quantitative research methods. You will also learn to develop research-based strategies for action, analysing people’s changing lives and problems and critically incorporating societal and global influences. In doing so, you can choose your own topics to focus on or research within the framework of your thematic focus and thus develop your own profile.

  • Campus Hilltop

  • Period in semester3 Semester

  • Languages of instructionGerman/English

  • Enrolment PeriodsWinter semester: 30 April to 15 September
    Summer semester: 31 October to 1 March

  • Admission RequirementsA Bachelor’s degree in the field of Social Work or a related Socio-pedagogical, Social Work, or Early Childhood Education programme is a prerequisite for the degree programme.

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Content Information

In the Master's degree programme in Social Work, you can choose between two content specialisations:

Innovative Social Work: Practice-oriented research, social planning and quality development, questions of professional innovation, creation and evaluation of needs-oriented concepts

International Social Work: Critical examination of theories, concepts and approaches of social work in international, comparative, transcultural contexts that are based on national scopes

Career Perspectives


With the Master's degree in Social Work, a wide range of professional opportunities are open to you. With the Master’s degree, you create the necessary requirements to work in management positions. In the specialisations, you will additionally qualify for the areas of social planning and quality development or for activities in international organisations and institutional partnerships. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is a member of the Baden-Württemberg Doctoral Association. Professors of the SABP faculty can also offer Master’s graduates the opportunity to do a doctorate by taking this path.

Your career opportunities

These sectors will be open to you:

  • Planning / evaluation / quality assurance
  • Further education / training / university teaching
  • Research
  • Management / leadership
  • Lecturer
  • International social work
  • The opportunity to pursue doctorate
Graduates of the Master of Social Work can work in research, continuing education, quality assurance or in management positions.



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Students at their laptops in the library of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
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This awaits you

The Master of Social Work provides in-depth reflective skills for all areas of social work. You can choose your individual specialisation from the two different focus points. The focus on innovative social work deals with professional innovations and quality research, among other things. In the International Social Work focus area you will learn to place theories and concepts in an international and transcultural context.

In the Master’s programme in Social Work, you will work on projects and research questions together with your fellow students.

Familiar atmosphere

On the one hand, I find it special in this degree programme that in addition to the job-specific knowledge, you also learn a lot for life outside of work, such as social structures or forms of communication. On the other hand, the atmosphere in the faculty is striking, both between students and between students and teachers. There is a very respectful and familiar way of dealing with each other and you can find someone to listen or help everywhere.

Annika Erath, student of Master of Social Work
Annika Erath talks about her Master's degree in social work.

What distinguishes usGood reasons for studying at Esslingen University

Individual focuses

Choose between the specialisations of Innovative Social Work and International Social Work.

University Sports Club

There is a sports hall and gym on campus as well as football pitches and basketball courts.


Well stocked, with many study spaces and a beautiful view over Esslingen, the library is the perfect place to learn.


Once you have successfully completed your degree, the option of a doctorate is open to you.


Acquire the necessary tools to assess and shape developments with empirical support.

Family-friendly university

We support parents as well as students with responsibilities for children and relatives in their studies with advisory services.


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