Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)Automation Systems and Production Informatics

Production processes are largely fully automated. Highly qualified engineers develop and optimise them innovatively and efficiently on the basis of Automation Systems. You too want to work in this high-tech sector? With a degree in Automation Systems and Production Informatics, you can get started in many industries and actively help shape the digitalisation of production.

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Content Information

You can expect content that reflects the high level of technology and digitalisation in modern production:

  • Knowledge of the automation and networking of production systems, the evaluation of sensors and the control of actuators.
  • Classical methods of measurement, control and regulation technology
  • Basics of production informatics with contents of system simulation and software engineering
  • Remote diagnostics and remote maintenance

Career Perspectives


You will be well positioned in the field of automation and digitalisation: Topics that are of great importance for companies in all sectors in the context of safeguarding the future and further development. Thanks to the hands-on training, you can be immediately employed as a fully-fledged specialist. You will have a wide range of skills to get you started straight away: With world market leaders in the automotive industry or in mechanical engineering, with their suppliers and with innovative medium-sized companies.

You will be choosing a study programme with a promising future

The level of automation in the factory of the future is very high – and so is the need for skilled workers:

  • in research, development and design
  • in customised mechanical engineering
  • in hardware and software development
  • in project planning and in project management
  • in service and in assembly
  • in consultancy, sales and marketing



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Students at their laptops in the library of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
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For whom is the study programme suitable?

  • You enjoy high-tech and electronics.
  • You are interested in computers and Information Technology.
  • You are interested in systematically analysing and solving problems.
  • Accuracy and openness to new things are some of the skills you have.
  • Maths and physics are not difficult for you at school.
  • You are in a particularly good position if you have already completed an apprenticeship in the technical field.
 The degree programme is suitable for you if you enjoy high-tech and electronics.

Open communication

During my studies at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, I certainly appreciated the pleasant working atmosphere during the lectures and the open communication with my lecturers and the President’s Office. The lectures in combination with the associated labs helped me a lot in practice.

Arian Zeneli, Alumni of the Automation Systems and Production Informatics degree programme
Alumnus of the Automation Systems and Production degree programme

What distinguishes usGood reasons for studying at Esslingen University

Modern laboratories

The high-tech laboratories cover the wide range of automation technology.

Guaranteed support

A preliminary course in maths and physics, welcome days and mentors make it easier to become familiar with everyday student life.


In joint projects with other students, you will develop soft skills such as teamwork and networking.

Business contacts

You will benefit from the numerous collaborations between Esslingen University of Applied Sciences and globally operating companies.


The content of the study programme is close to the new technical developments, such as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

Alternative study models

Study plus academic and vocational training with extended practice - vocational training, practical relevance and financial security.


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