Financing your Studies

General Information

Your time at university can get really expensive. On the following pages, we will show you a few ideas for financing your studies. For further information and advice, you are welcome to contact us directly at the Student Advice Centre.

Information on local authority and governmental benefits in Baden-Wuerttemberg can also be found under

Parents and students with questions about grants can also obtain information from the advice team of

By the way, the Stuttgart Students Union also offers advice on financing studies.   

For more detailed information, you are welcome to contact: Ronald Friedrich at the Stuttgart Students Union:, Tel +49 (0) 711 9574-463

Thanks to BAföG (the federal law providing financial assistance to students and trainees in Germany), all young people should be able to undertake a degree course, irrespective of their financial and social position.


  • Financial situation: Whether you are entitled to receive BAföG, and how much you can receive, depends on the income/assets of your parents.
  • Nationality: German students can receive BAföG. It is also possible for foreign students to receive support if they fall within a group named in § 8 BAföG.
  • Age: At the start of your Bachelor’s degree course, you should not have ended your 30th year; for a Master’s degree course, your 35th year. Exceptions are made for students with a child/children.

Eligibility for and compliance to the maximum period of time for receiving financial assistance: At Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, the maximum period of time that you can receive BAföG is seven semesters.

Further Information and Applications

As a student at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, you can apply for BAföG at the Stuttgart Students Union.

BAföG benefits are usually bestowed as 50% grant and 50% interest-free loan.


Conditions for receiving Housing Benefit

You can only apply for housing benefit if you do not claim BAföG (§ 20 para. 2 Housing Benefit Act). In other words, you can claim either BAföG or housing benefit, but not both. However, if you do not receive BAföG because your parents’/spouse’s/partner’s  income is too high, you also cannot receive housing benefit. In such cases, your parents/spouse/partner have/has a duty of maintenance.

Information and Applications

To receive housing benefit, you have to make an application and demonstrate that the necessary conditions have been fulfilled. You can obtain application forms from the housing department of the local authority which may be the municipal, city, or district administration. There, you will receive comprehensive advice.

Further information:


Stuttgart Student Union

Educational Loans

If you cannot finance your studies (completely) out of your own pocket, you might like to consider a student loan. However, before taking out a loan, you should check to see if there are other options, as loans have to be paid back with interest.

There is a wide range of financial services for students available: some loan providers help with paying student fees, and others cover your living costs during the course. Get advice and compare offers.   

For example, you can get an overview of current student loans and conditions under Studis online.

Under the CHE Student Loan Test 2017 you can find a comparison of 43 student loans and educational funds.

Study Funds

An educational or study fund is a kind of student loan. In contrast to a student bank loan, the repayment of these loans is dependent on your future earning power and not on interest rates. In addition, the sponsors offer non-material as well as financial support during your studies.  


If your savings are enough to cover your studies, your parents support you or you work alongside your course to finance your studies, we talk about “self-funding”.


Student jobs are mostly found through word-of-mouth, and are advertised at short notice. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences also offers jobs for students on a regular basis. Furthermore, the University Career Center can help you look for and apply for a job. It is worthwhile taking a look at the job portal network.

You can find an overview of the taxation and insurance aspects of working part-time under German Students Union. Further information is available under students at work.

Maintenance Obligation

As a matter of principle, parents have a duty to finance their child’s first vocational training.

In principle, parents have a duty to support their children financially until they have completed their first vocational training. This duty also applies to degree courses that have a temporal and material connection to previously completed vocational training. If the parents’ income is not sufficient, financial support via BAföG is possible. In calculating the amount of maintenance, each case is considered individually.  Please inform yourself.

The Duesseldorf Table (Düsseldorfer Tabelle), in which current maintenance rates are listed, can offer a guide to the amount of maintenance needed.

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