Master of Business Administration (MBA)International Industrial Management

Are you ready to take the next career step?Today, organisational environments become increasingly complex and dynamic. Strong management is, therefore, essential to ensure smooth and effective day-to-day operations. Managers need emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills, and strong communication skills to achieve these goals. The Esslingen Master of Business Administration is designed for Bachelor's graduates from STEM subjects with management ambitions.

  • Campus Hilltop

  • Period in semester3 Semester

  • Languages of instructionEnglish

  • Application PeriodsNovember 2 - March 31

  • Admission RequirementsPrerequisites

Apply as of November 2024!

Content Information

Esslingen University is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Germany. Its core areas are based in engineering and management, and its Graduate School was one of first in the country offering International Masters' programmes taught entirely in English.

We have developed a new, focused, and practical approach to our specialised MBA, by dividing the critical learning areas into 3 streamlined majors: General Management – Sustainable Production & Technology – Digital Transformation.

A one-of-a-kind ecosystem of big players, hidden champions and start-ups.

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1. Semester

Data Analytics and Information Management

Data Analytics and Information Management

Data Analytics and Information Management

The module covers the following three courses:

  • Quantitative Methods: Methods which support decision making in various departments of a company
  • Data Science: methods in order to analyze actual phenomena with data
  • Information Management: Implementation, evaluation, design, operation, security, and maintenance of information systems in business and production environments


Marketing, Sales and Economics

Marketing, Sales and Economics

Marketing, Sales and Economics

The module covers the following three courses:

  • Industrial Marketing: Develop and implement marketing strategies and apply the tools and methods
  • Market and Competitive Intelligence : Evaluation of markets and competitors
  • Economics: Understand the principle of micro- and macroeconomics





The module covers the following three courses:

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis: Impact of different costing methods, depreciation and reporting standards
  • Corporate Finance: Deployment of financial tools and methods in the decision-making of managerial finance; How companies finance their operations; Cost of capital, and working capital management
  • Investments: Investment decision problems in corporations; Present value calculus, capital budgeting, portfolio theory, Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and market efficiency





The module covers the following three courses:

  • Project Management: Apply principles and methods of professionally managing projects
  • Quality Management: Impact of quality management on business performance, quality management tools including SPC, quality audits and certifications
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management: Fundamentals of all operations functions within industrial companies
Organisational Behaviour and Strategy

Organisational Behaviour and Strategy

Organisational Behaviour and Strategy

The module covers the following three courses:

  • Organisational Development: Insights to the critical issues facing organisations in simultaneously managing their human resources at home and abroad. It focuses on international business strategies and discusses discussing digital implications of the core organisational development topics
  • Intercultural Leadership & Negotiations: Learn and practice the basics of intercultural competence, leadership styles and delegation tools as well as how to profit from diversity: identifying, promoting and using different life experiences, talents and know-how to produce high performance
  • Corporate Strategy: Evaluate alternative strategic roadmaps

2. Semester

Enterpreneurial Management

Enterpreneurial Management

Entrepreneurial Management

The module covers the following three courses:

  • Corporate Governance and Business Ethics: Delegation tools, fair leadership process, challenging leadership situations

       current engagement studies into business world and ethical dilemmas 

  • Business Law: Formation of contracts, breach of contract etc., corporate structures, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures
  • Entrepreneurship: The spirit of Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs master Innovations, selected key topics for entrepreneurs


International Management

International Management

International Management

The module covers the following four courses:

  • International Finance and Risk Management: Specific aspects of international finance, financial risk management tools and methods
  • International Marketing: Concepts in international marketing research the international marketplace, operational global marketing decisions
  • Management Accounting: Basic procedure of management accounting and understand the connections within field


Specialisation Modules

Specialisation Modules

Students will choose from ONE of the following Elective (Specialisation) Modules:


Specialisation: General Management

Business Management 

The module covers the following four courses:

  • Lean Management: Apply lean principles to different areas and fields in operations management
  • Business Growth and Valuation: Specific aspects of how to scale up new business ideas and value company success
  • Innovation and Technology Management: Handle and solve typical tasks in managing technology and innovation
  • Business Simulation: Derivation and development of business solutions in changing economic environment, optimization of internal processes, workflows and calculations in order to improve results

Specialisation: Sustainable Production & Technology

Sustainable Management 

The module covers the following four courses:

  • Sustainable Technology Management
  • Sustainability Assessment
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Concept of sustainability and how this is influencing supply chain management
  • Business Simulation: Derivation and development of business solutions in changing economic environment, especially with respect to sustainability

Specialisation: Digital Transformation

Digital Management 

The module covers the following 4 courses:

  • Digital Enterprise and Information Systems: Business processes supported by the software
  • Smart Manufacturing: Knowledge of the goals, tasks, framework conditions, processes and methods of the process and factory planning with digital focus
  • Digital Change and Process Management: Chances and risks of digital transformation (“Industry 4.0”) in a production company
  • Business Simulation: Derivation and development of business solutions in changing economic environment, especially with respect to digitalisation


Specialisation Project

Specialisation Project

Specialisation Project

The module covers the following two courses:

  • Best Practice Solutions: Visits to industrial companies in the chosen specialization
  • Project Work: Development of a project within the field of their specialization

3. Semester

Master’s Thesis

Master’s Thesis

Master’s Thesis

The module covers the following four courses:

  • Scientific Methodology and Academic Writing: Understand the basics of research methods and structure and write an academic study in a scientific manner
  • Corporate Report: Apply academic methodologies to real life problems in a company
  • Thesis: Demonstrate the ability of using appropriate scientific methods and tools
  • Colloquium: Challenges, problems and objective of the Corporate Report and Thesis, methods and tools used and strength and weaknesses and evaluation of the solutions found




Career Perspectives


Esslingen University has a long tradition in educating industrial management and has always taken advantage of its location in one of the major centres of the European industry, closely linked to the nearby companies, such as Bosch, Daimler, Audi, Festo, Porsche and many others.

The Esslingen MBA is highly competitive, internationally recognised, and ranked among the top European MBA programmes in Industrial Management.

Approximately 95% of our students are international: about 77% of our MBA alumni live in Germany after graduation.

STARTING SALARY: The yearly starting salary of our MBA graduates is, on average, between 50,000€ and 70,000€, and their range of occupation is from middle to top management.

The graph shows how long it takes for MBA graduates to find a job.




  • Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in a STEM field

  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

  • Language test in English and German

  • Two essays

  • 2 years relevant work experience after obtaining graduate degree

  • APS- Certificate if you received your degree in China, Vietnam, India or Mongolia

Tuition & Fees

Tuition for the MBA programme is €1750/semester. Additional fees and general cost of living apply. Read more about expenses and fees.

Application packages and FAQ

Please, see our application packages and FAQ.

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  1. Check the requirements

    You can apply from November to March each year to begin your Esslingen journey in September. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, Proof of English proficiency, German language test: A2 level before the end of the second semester, APS-Certificate if the degree is from China, India, Mongolia, and Vietnam, Two recommendations, Curriculum Vitae. Please, remember to check the additional requirements for each specific programme.


  2. Apply Online

    Application is made through our application portal, which gives you full flexibility to complete your application on your individual time plan.


  3. Upload your documents

    Check that you have all the necessary documents on the Checklist and upload them electronically. Once you have completed the application forms, you should submit your application by clicking the "Submit" button on the last page. Please note that your recommender can submit their recommendation after you have submitted your application.


  4. Congratulations

    Upon successfully reviewing your application, you will be informed of your status before the end of May.



This awaits you

Are you a STEM graduate with management ambitions? The Esslingen Master of Business Administration Internatioal Industrial Management is the right course to prepare you for an exciting and challenging middle to top management position in an international company. It focuses on the functional business areas, such as finance, marketing and operations in manufacturing sector and its encompassing services equip you with various managerial and cross-disciplinary knowledge.

The MBA Internatioal Industrial Management is the right course to prepare you for an exciting and challenging middle management position.

Variety of cultures

What I liked the most about the MBA and affected me the most was the wide variety of cultures and getting to know the different cultures. It has helped me to be more open-minded and to look at things in a different perspective. I am grateful that I left my comfort zone and came to Esslingen because when you leave your comfort zone, you grow.

Sonia Veerapen, Alumna MBA 2023

What distinguishes usGood reasons for studying at Esslingen University

Connect with Employers

Strong links to global players & hidden champions located in one of most innovative industrial regions.

Practial approach

Out of the classroom and into real-life situations through field trips, company projects, case studies.

A diverse class

Varied individual perspectives of participants are integrated into the educational approach and curriculum.

Excellent career prospects

Half of the graduates gain employment in a German company within one month of completing their studies.

Top Ranking

Internationally ranked among the top European MBA programmes in industrial management.

Alumni network

An active international alumni network all over the globe – a network to promote professional development.


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