Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)Mechatronics

Mechatronics is a combination of mechanics, electronics and information technology. The aim of mechatronics is to make technical systems functional. During your studies, you will learn the necessary skills and expertise to develop, manufacture and commission mechatronic systems methodically and with computer assistance. Of course, current topics such as Smart Factory, Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence are part of the teaching content.

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Content Information

In the foundation courses, you first learn the basics of mechanics, electronics and information technology. In the core courses, you can choose from various mandatory electives (digitalisation of the economy, regenerative energies, medical technology). You will also acquire additional qualifications such as business thinking, the ability to work in a team and project-oriented work.

Career Perspectives


With your Bachelor's degree, many doors will be open to you because you will be trained as an all-rounder who is urgently needed in many industries. You work in an interdisciplinary manner and bear responsibility for modern technologies and their application. The job profile of mechatronics needs skilled workers who think in a forward-looking way and want to meet the demands of an automated and digitalised society -

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Your career opportunities

You will have the best job prospects as a specialist or manager in the following areas:

  • Mechanical engineering industry
  • Mechatronics companies
  • Automotive industry and its suppliers
  • Medical technology and the optics industry
  • Communication and security technology
  • Measurement and regulation technology
  • Drive technology

During your studies, you will have the opportunity to get to know all areas of application and fields of activity.

Bachelor graduate of Mechatronics at work



After registering on the national application portal, you can apply via the Campusmanagement-System HEonline at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

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Alternative study models
Would you like to intensify your practical experience in one of our partner companies and study with financial security? Then find out about the study models”Studium Plus - combined vocational training and degree course” and “Degree with practical placement”

Students learning together in the library
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For whom is the study programme suitable?

  • You are enthusiastic about technology and find mechanical systems exciting.
  • You don't find maths and physics too problematic.
  • You are interested in programming.
  • You like to solve complex and tricky questions and enjoy working out the core of the problem.
  • The ability to work in a team and communicate are among your strengths, as you will be solving interdisciplinary challenges.
Student of the Mechatronics degree programme working on a mechatronics project.

Broad basic knowledge

I have fond memories of the small working groups with direct contact to the teaching staff. The broad basic knowledge I acquired during my studies in mechatronics helps me in my job. I advise every student to take the opportunity to go abroad, no matter whether it’s a theory semester, a practical semester or a dual degree. It is an experience that will shape you.

Lukas Grad, Alumnus of the Mechatronics degree programme
Graduate of the Mechatronics degree programme at work.

What distinguishes usGood reasons for studying at Esslingen University

Studium Plus

Together with partner companies, we offer two cooperative study models: MechatronikPLUS and MechatronikCOM


For research projects and project work, we put you in contact with companies all over Germany.

Easy to get to

Campus Göppingen - with the StudiTicket (VVS) for public transport you can easily reach all destinations in the greater Stuttgart area.


Tutorials in basic subjects support you during the semester as preparation for exams.

Dual degree

An optional double degree at one of the partner universities in Finland, Mexico or China brings you additional plus points.

Practice supplements theory

In our laboratories you will apply what you have learned in practice. In the project, you will independently develop a mechatronic system in a team.


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