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On the following pages, you will find important information about our exchange programs and your stay in Germany and at Hochschule Esslingen.



Exchange Programs

You can study at Hochschule Esslingen - University of Applied Sciences on 3 campuses, in 11 faculties and in 25 Bachelor's degree programs.

Exchange students apply for a specific exchange program
The semester dates of the different programs  are important for your planning.

Program Short description

For students from our European partner institutions

all departments at Hochschule Esslingen


For students from our Non-European partner institutions

all departments at Hochschule Esslingen

INTAP (=International Automotive Engineering Program) A special program for students of Automotive/Mechanical Engineering from some of our partner institutions
KEEP (=Kettering Automotive Engineering Program) A special program for Mechanical Engineering students of Kettering University
Double Degree program

For students from CDHAW at Tongji University, China

Automotive Engineering, Mechatronics or Building Services

Double Degree program ITESM

For students from Tec de Monterrey, Mexico

Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics or Engineering Management

Double Degree program  JAMK

For students from Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronics

Double Degree program Gannon Univ.

For students from Gannon University, USA

Information Technology or Management

Important information for the time during your stay at Hochschule Esslingen can be found at the website of the International Office in the Intranet.


Nomination- and application deadlines

Program Winter Semester Summer Semester
ERASMUS/Global Nomination until 15 May
Application until 30 May
Nomination until 15 November
Application until 30 November
INTAP Nomination until 30 March
Application until 30 May
KEEP           - Nomination until 15 November
Application until 30 November
Double Degrees
Nomination until 15 May
Application until 30 May


Application procedure

  • You have to be nominated by your home university in order to take part in the program (except Freemovers).
  • Language prerequisites:
    English proficiency: Level B1 (TOEFL 530/197, CET 6, IELTS 6 oder CPE grade C)
    German proficiency: Level B1
  • Please use the Online-Application
  • First you have to register, then you can fill in the required information and upload the following documents:
    • Copy of Passport / National ID card
    • Picture (to be used for student ID card)
    • Course selection form - this form is mandatory for all exchange students (please download before you fill the form)
    • CV/Resume (in English or German)
    • Transcript of Records of Home University (in English or German)
    • Proof of language knowledge (English or German), depending on language of instruction of the selected courses
  • Only Erasmus Students: ONLINE LEARNING AGREEMENT (OLA) - see instructions
  • Rooms in the student dormitory can be rented from the Student Services. Further information can be found under Accommodation.

Students applying for a Double Degree Program, please ask the coordinator at your home university for specific application requirements and necessary prerequisites. 

What happens next?

  • After the application deadline the IO will forward your complete application to the international coordinator of your faculty. Once your application has been approved, the IO will send your admission and some first information to you.
  • If you have applied for a room in a dormitory, the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart will send you information about arrival and your room.

what else do i have to prepare?


  • On the website of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, you can find out if you need a visa for entering Germany or not.
  • Students who do not need a visa, can enter Germany with a passport (EU citizens also with ID Card). You will apply for a residence permit during the orientation program in Germany.
  • All students who need a visa for entering Germany should contact the German Embassy in their home country for further information about the visa application.


  • Health insurance is required in order to be enrolled as exchange student. We recommend a public German health insurance which you can take out during the orientation program with support of the International Office.
  • Students from EU countries are excempt from this requirement provided that they can show a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
  • Information about your options can be found in the Information sheet "Health Insurance".
  • Additionally, we highly recommend to bring a general third party liability insurance with you.

Please make sure to arrive on the official arrival day, because participation in our orientation week is mandatory!

Modul descriptions

Modul descriptions

grading system (all programs)

Grading system

ERASMUS/Global And Freemover

  • You can choose courses from the regular course program in German and/or in English.
  • A combination of German and English lectures is possible (but not classes from special programs or the Graduate School).
  • Prerequisites:
    English proficiency: Level B1 (TOEFL 530/197, CET 6, IELTS 6 oder CPE grade C)
    German proficiency: Level B1
  • List of English taught courses, sorted by campus and faculty.
  • Modul descriptions of German taught courses
  • Please use only the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) -follow the instructions
  • Changes in course selection: If your course selection has changed please coordinate these changes with your faculty in Esslingen. Please use the Changes in course selection form (please download the form) and send it to: incoming(at)hs-esslingen.de 4 weeks after your arrival at the latest.
  • Please make sure to choose courses which are offered on the same campus.


For the program INTAP/KEEP, there is a fixed list of courses especially designed for this program, which you can find in the INTAP brochure and the KEEP brochure of the faculty of Automotive Engineering.

double degree programs

If you are interested in the module descriptions of our Double Degree Programs, please contact the respective coordinator:

CDHAW Automotive Engineering/Service: Prof. Norbert Schreier
CDHAW Building Services: Prof. Thomas Rohrbach
CDHAW Mechatronics: Prof. Jürgen Minuth
CDHAW Engineering Management: Prof. Ulrich Nepustil
JAMK (International) Mechanical Engineering: Prof. Stefan Rösler
JAMK Mechatronics/Precision Engineering (Mechanical and Production Engineering): Prof. Wolf-Dieter Lehner
ITESM Mechanical Engineering: Prof. Stefan Rösler
ITESM Mechatronics: Prof. Stefani Maier

Gannon Information Technology: Prof. Kai Warendorf

Additional Courses for Exchange students

Additionally to the regular courses in the departments, the International Office offers the courses "German as a Foreign Language" and "German History and Culture".


Where will i live during my semester abroad?

We highly recommend to stay in one of the dormitories of Studierendenwerk Stuttgart. If you apply in time, you will have very good chances to get a room in one of the dormitories. Rooms in dormitories can only be rented for a full semester, i.e. either 1 September - 28 February or 1 March - 31 August.


Information about Housing in student dormitories

There are several housing options for students in Esslingen and Göppingen. You will get a room in the town in which you are studying, so please make sure to apply for the correct dormitory. 

Your contact for reservations and any questions related to dormitories is Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, a public Student Service Organisation. On the leaflets you may find the link for the housing application as well as the most important information for your program:

Accommodation Information ERASMUS/Global, Freemover and Double Degree

Accommodation Information INTAP

Accommodation Information KEEP

Information about the dormitories:

Esslingen - Geschwister-Scholl-Strasse

Esslingen - Fabrikstraße

Esslingen - Am Rossneckar I

Esslingen - Am Rossneckar II

Göppingen - Studentendorf

If you do not want to live in the dormitories, you can also look for private accommodation. But please consider that the private housing situation in Esslingen and the region is quite expensive and scarce, especially when a new semester starts.


WHat does a study abroad semester cost and how can i finance it?

living expenses

Exchange students do not have to pay tuition at Hochschule Esslingen. It depends on your individual living style how much money you will spend during your study abroad semester. The following list may give you a rough orientation (last updated August 2019):

Semester fee for "Studierendenwerk"

120.40 € per semester

Contribution for excursions (all exchange students except freemovers)

20 € per semester

Dormitory rent

approx. 260 - 350 € per month

Health insurance (not for students with EHIC)

approx. 110 € per month

Public transportation ticket (VVS-Studiticket)

approx. 207 € per semester

Miscellaneous (minimum for food, clothing, leisure etc.)

e.g. lunch at student cafeteria

approx. 300-400 €  per month

approx. 3-5 € per meal

Additional costs for freemover students: Administration fee and contribution for support program and extracurricular courses of approx. 575 € per semester.

Further advice:

  • Students who do not need a visa will be required to show proof of their finances (min. 850 € per month) when applying for the residence permit. Same applies to students holding a visa when they need to extend their visa. Further information will be given to you by the International Office during orientation.
  • Some students ( e.g. from China, India) have to open a so-called blocked bank account by themselves before applying for their visa, where they have to deposit the above-mentioned amount. You will receive further information at the German Embassy.
  • All other students will open a German bank account during the orientation program which may be used for regular payments such as dormitory rent, health insurance etc. You will receive a debit card for withdrawing money.
  • There are places in Germany where payment by credit card is not possible and withdrawing money by credit card is quite expensive. In order to have cash available, we recommend to bring about 500 € cash for the first few days. Afterwards, the easiest way is to transfer money from your home country to your German bank account and withdraw it here with your debit card.


Usually, you have to apply for scholarships in your home country. Therefore, we recommend to ask your home university which financial support might be available.

for students from EU-partner universities (ERASMUS+)

ERASMUS+ is an EU-funded program supporting mobility between European universities. Therefore, students are only eligible for this grant, if their home university has been awarded an ERASMUS charta. Application always has to be made at the home university.

for students from non-european partner universities  (Baden-Württemberg-scholarship)

The Baden-Württemberg-SCHOLARSHIP is open for exchange students from certain non-European partner universities. Please ask your home university if you are eligible for the Baden-Württemberg SCHOLARSHIP.

Exchange students have to be nominated by their home university at the latest 15 May for the next academic year (winter semester and summer semester).

Further information can be found in the information sheet.

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