Information technology can be found in almost all areas – drive key technology forward and pass on your knowledge to tomorrow’s professionals.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)Engineering Education Information Technology - Electrical Engineering

Be it computer networks or in the space station: Information technology can be found almost everywhere. Information technology is shaping our mobility and consumer products from manufacturing to use. You want to drive this key technology forward and also enjoy passing on knowledge to young people? Then the study programme in Engineering Education Information Technology-Electrical Engineering offers you the best prerequisites to do so.

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  • Campus Hilltop

  • Period in semester7 Semester

  • Languages of instructionGerman/English

  • Application PeriodsWinter semester: 30 April to 15 July
    Summer semester: 31 October to 15 January

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Career Perspectives


Whether you choose to pass on your knowledge to young people or pursue a career in traditional engineering. Both paths are open to you.

As an information technology engineer, you will work at the interface to Mechanics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Management after your graduation. As a specialist in the key disciplines of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, you find yourself in demand on the labour market, and all sectors are open to you.

The Bachelor’s degree certifies that you are able to teach technical content. Amongst others, a career in corporate education and human resources management is open to you.

A subsequent Master’s degree at the PH Ludwigsburg qualifies you as a higher educationacademiclecturer (“Lehrkraft im Höheren Dienst”) with teaching qualifications SIT (Systems and Information Technology) and ENAT (Energy and Automation Technology).

Further information

Specialists in the field of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering are in high demand on the labour market.



After registering on the national application portal, you can apply via the Campusmanagement-System HEonline at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

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For admission to the engineering education degree programme, you need proof of a 12-week preliminary internship.

Students learning together in the library
  1. Check the requirements
    Do you have a university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur/Fachhochschulreife), a school leaving qualification from a country other than Germany or a vocational qualification? If you do, you have already fulfilled the first requirement for a successful application.

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    Please register on the national application portal to receive your Applicant ID.

  3. Register and apply on HEonline
    The next step is to register on Esslingen’s HEonline Campus Management System and apply for one or more degree programmes. When you have submitted your application on HEonline, you can also see it on hochschulstart and prioritise your choices.

  4. Upload your documents
    We need your documents and certificates so that we can process your application. Please upload them on the HEonline Campus Management System. We must have your documents by the application deadline at the latest.

  5. All done!
    You can check the status of your application at any time via HEonline. You should keep your login details in a safe place. Shortly after the application deadline, you will be able to see whether you have received an admission offer on HEonline and hochschulstart.


For whom is the study programme suitable?

Do you love technical and digital challenges? Do you enjoy passing on knowledge and can you imagine working in training and further education? Do you like working with young people and would you like to teach later? Then this degree programme will be an interesting option for you. After graduation, you decide whether you want to work as an engineer or in education and training or apprenticeship.

A love of technology and digitalisation are the best prerequisites.

What distinguishes usGood reasons for studying at Esslingen University

One degree – two options

Both paths are open to you: A career in training, further education, apprenticeship or the classic route as an engineer.

Theory and practice

You will link your theoretical knowledge in numerous laboratories, project and group work with practice.


Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is one of only five universities in Baden-Württemberg to offer you this unique programme.


In the heart of the high-performance economic region of Stuttgart, you have the best career prospects after graduation.

High quality

Partnerships with the University of Tübingen and PH Ludwigsburg ensure the high standard of the educational content.

Fundamentals of Information Technology

The study contents are based on essential contents of the innovative study programme Information Technology.


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