Advisory sessions in a trusting atmosphere help students of Early Childhood Education with their studies.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)Early Childhood Education

Discovering the world together with children, designing and managing educational institutions in an inclusive and educationally appropriate way, accompanying and supporting children and their families - do you want to be involved in these important tasks? If you want to gain specialist expertise for the childhood phase of life, then the study of Early Childhood Education is the right choice for you.


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Career Perspectives


With a degree in childhood education, a wide range of career prospects or a subsequent Master’s degree are open to you. As a “state-approved early childhood educator” you advise, support, accompany and organise educational and change processes in everyday or challenging situations of children aged 0 - 12 years.

Your career opportunities

  • Educational and management work in childcare facilities
  • Conceptual and leisure-time educational tasks in schools, school social work
  • Parent education and advice

  • Help with upbringing
  • Specialist advisory service
  • Work in training and advanced studies
After the Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, many career paths are open, for example in adult education.



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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Which criteria are used to award the university places?

There are usually more applications than places available. This means that not all applications for degree programmes will be successful. The places available will be awarded in accordance with the result of the university’s own selection procedure.

We are unable to give details of any admission restrictions (numerus clausus, NC) in advance. The NC states the selection threshold and the waiting time in semesters (periods of 6 months) for the last student in the ranking who is admitted to the degree programme. This means the NC varies depending on the number of applicants, their selection thresholds/waiting times and the number of places available. Since this is different for each application phase, we are unfortunately unable to provide any information about the admission restrictions (NC).

Why do I apply to and to the university?

For some of the Bachelor degree programmes at Esslingen, the admission procedure for applications for the first regular semester is via the national application portal Hochschulstart and the “dialog-oriented service procedure - DoSV”, where you can apply for a maximum of 12 university places.

To process your application, the “Application/Admission” team needs all the documents required for the admission procedure at Esslingen. You can upload these online via Esslingen’s HEonline campus management system.

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For whom is the study programme suitable?

Are you interested in children, their perspectives and their worlds? Do you want to stand up for children, make a difference for children and families and campaign for educational justice? Do you want to increase the quality of educational institutions? The Childhood Education study programme offers you the theoretical and practical foundations for this. We look forward to meeting you!

Raise the quality of educational institutions after you graduate. During your studies, you can exchange ideas with your fellow students.

Personal and enriching

“It was one of the best times. I studied in a small group. It was personal and enormously enriching with the professors. We internalised multi-layered thinking and being empathically appreciative with children and their families. And we have spent time reflecting and analysing.”

Sarah Filetti, Alumna of the Early Childhood Education degree programme
A portrait of Sarah Filetti, Aluma of the Early Childhood Education degree programme.

What distinguishes usGood reasons for studying at Esslingen University

University Sports Club

Directly on campus, there is a sports hall and gym as well as football pitches and basketball courts.


Well stocked, with many study spaces and a beautiful view over Esslingen, the library is the perfect place to learn.

Innovative learning formats

Learn in research workshops, working in the education workshop, in business games or in case work.


A large network of practical cooperation partners complement the theory in the degree programme.

Modern equipment

Seminar rooms can be rearranged as needed, and in the educational workshop you develop and test media.

Family-friendly university

We support parents as well as students with responsibilities for children and relatives in their studies with advisory services.


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