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Fallen out of touch with a friend? Looking to connect with a former classmate? See if you can find them in the Esslingen Graduate School alumni network. Almost 90% of our alumni are international, which means that our alumni network stetches around the globe. Our alumni network is your tie to the Graduate School and to your former classmates - from wherever you are in the world!

Your Network

As Graduate School alumni, you are automatically entitled to become a member of our alumni network. There are no fees to join, but you do have to sign up yourself.

Our alumni network is situated on the social media platform Linkedin. When you register in the network, you come into direct contact with many of your fellow alumni, professors and staff. You can contact us, let us know about exciting happenings in your life, and we can keep you up to date on changes and developments in the Graduate School.


1. Register on LinkedIn

2. Search for the Esslingen MBA Alumni group and apply to join

We're looking forward to hearing from you!


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