Updates on the Corona Situation

Esslingen University is committed to keeping its students and staff abreast of the Corona situation. On this page, we update all current information for you.

This page is continually updated. Last update: 22 January 2021

Please note: the content on this page is an English translation of the German Corona page. Only the German page, as well as the regulations of the Corona Statutes from 21 December 2020, are legally binding.


22 January: On-campus exams take place in accordance with health & safety regulations

The President’s Office at Esslingen University is constantly re-evaluating and reacting to the Corona situation, in accordance with national regulations.

Students of the 2020/21 winter semester will be able to complete their studies in spite of the Corona restrictions. On-campus exams that cannot be replaced by other formats continue to take place on campus. Any exceptions to this, specific to faculties or programmes, will be communicated direct by the respective Dean’s Office.

The Health & Safety Measures have been modified to reflect the stricter national regulations, in order to allow students to attend on-campus exams with the greatest possible safety.

Please note the FAQs dealing with exams:

Updated: 22 January 2021


FAQs on the Measures Taken during the Corona Pandemic

The Corona Task Force has created an FAQ catalogue to address questions as they arise. We ask for your understanding that not all open questions can be answered immediately, as we base our answers on current information from the Ministry for Science, Research and the Arts.

As the situation continues to be dynamic, our answers will be continuously updated.

If you cannot find the answer to your question on this site, please contact taskforcecorona(at)hs-esslingen.de .

General information

11 December: What is the procedure in case of illness, suspected illness and at-risk groups?


University members (students, professors, lecturers, and staff) who have tested positive for Corona should contact, preferably by email:

Annika Pfiz
Telefon 0711 397-3602

The following information should be included in this email: your name, faculty, date of the Corona test, places you were in on campus as well as the date and time of being on campus.

Please also let us know if you are a contact person of the 1st or 2nd degree and have been on campus within 10 days before this has been determined.

Procedures for those who are ill, suspected cases and at-risk groups

  • University members who have tested positive for the Coronavirus
    • Inform the University immediately (see above)
    • Follow the required quarantine
    • Call in sick
  • University members with suspicious symptoms (cough, fever, sore throat, headaches)
    • Inform the University immediately
    • Avoid unnecessary contact and try to stay home (for employees see “Provisions under Employment Legislation”)
    • Discuss further health procedures with your family doctor
  • UPDATE 15 June: University members WITHOUT suspicious symptoms BUT who have travelled from an area that is listed by the Robert-Koch-Institute as having a new infection rate of more than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, calculated cumulatively over the past 7 days should:
    • Inform the Health Department immediately
    • Inform the University immediately
    • Stay home for 14 days after returning to Germany (for employees see “Provisions under Employment Legislation”)
  • UPDATE 15 June: University members WITH suspicious symptoms who have travelled from an area that is listed by the Robert-Koch-Institute as having a new infection rate of more than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, calculated cumulatively over the past 7 days should:
    • Inform the University immediately
    • Telephone their doctor and inform them about their travels
    • Stay home (for employees see “Provisions under Employment Legislation”)

Updated: 11 December

22 January: What are the Quarantine Requirements when entering Germany?

Persons entering the country from a risk area must self-quarantine for 10 days. This can end at the soonest after five days, in the case of a negative Covid test. There is an additional requirement for testing for persons entering the country:  testing can be done within 48 hours of entry or through testing immediately after entry. There is, therefore, a choice between a 10-day quarantine and one further test, in cases where no symptoms are present. If symptoms are present, the quarantine is extended until symptoms have not been observed throughout 48 hours continuously.

In addition, travellers who have been in a risk area in the past 10 days must reister on https://einreiseanmeldung.de before their arrival in Germany and must carry proof of this on them when ntering the country. Please note that entry from areas where the case numbers are high and there are cases of mutated virus, further measures should be followed. Please follow the regulations on the page of the Foreign Office, the Robert Koch Institute or the State of Baden-Württemberg.

All further regulations and exceptions can be found in the  Verordnung Einreise-Quarantäne des Sozialministeriums .

The current list of risk areas is published by the Robert Koch Institute:
Informationen zur Ausweisung internationaler Risikogebiete durch das Auswärtige Amt, BMG und BMI

Should you require quarantine, please follow these steps:

  • Contact the University
    • Employees and professors should inform the HR Department, 0711 397-3602 (Frau Pfiz)
    • Students should inform Student Services 
  • Inform the Health Department
  • Observe the qarantine regulations (even if no symptoms appear). For employees see “Provisions under Employment Legislation”

Updated: 22 January 2021

11 January: What do the Corona Statutes regulate?

In order to minimize the effects of the Corona pandemic for our students in the winter semester 2020/21, new Corona Statutes were compiled on 21 December 2020. These apply to all bachelor's and master's programmes (with the exception of part-time programmes) at Esslingen University.

Current Corona Statutes (in German)

FAQs about the statutes are found at:  Fragen zu Sonderregelungen im Wintersemester 2020/21 (German)

Updated: 11 January 2021

15 January: What preventive measures are listed in the Health & Safety Protocol?

The Corona Health & Safety Protocol gives University members a list of precautions to observe throughout the duration of the Corona pandemic:

  • Central health & safety measures
  • Indoor health & safety: lecture and seminar rooms, PC pools, labs, common rooms and corridors
  • Health & safety in washrooms
  • Health & safety during breaks
  • Persons at risk
  • Routes through the University and event organisation
  • Labs
  • Exams
  • Oral exams, results, meetings and other events
  • Reduced on-campus presence: administration and technological support
  • Obligation to report

Updated Esslingen University Corona Safety Protocols

Updated: 15 January 2021

Further Information

More detailed information in English can be obtained from:

Updated: 28 August 2020

Questions regarding the winter semester 2020/21

21 January: Will the exams take place on campus as planned?

All examinations at Esslingen University will take place during the official examination period from 08 February to 26 February 2021 between 08:00 and 18:00.

As the written examinations will take place on campus in Esslingen, it can happen that an overnight stay is necessary in the night before or after an exam, or for several days in the case of multiple exams. Depending on the place the exam is written, we recommend an overnight stay in Esslingen or Göppingen, in order to avoid long travel on the day of the exam, and if possible to avoid using public transport.

Update 21 January: Travel to and from the exams is recognized as valid reason for travel and is NOT subject to the current curfew.

All further information on exams is published, as usual, on the internet, or will be sent by email:

Update 21 January:  Due to the higher number of Covid cases, medical face masks  (OP-mask, KN95/N95 or FFP2) must  be worn in the building AND during the examination. Masks may not be removed at any time during the entire examination. Students who are officially exempted from having to wear a mask have to contact the Prüfungsamt by 01 February at the latest.

Please note the Health & Safety Regulations and other measures applicable to on-campus exams.

Updated: 21 January 2021

16 December: What changes with the lockdown starting 16 December 2020?

The new lockdown starting on Wednesday, 16 December 2020 does not change anything for our students. On-campus classes or labs can take place as planned under strict observance of the health and safety regulations. Students will be informed by their lecturers and professors in the case of cancellation.

The university buildings will remain mostly closed.

Updated: 16 December

Dates for the winter semester 2020/2021

  • 01.09.2020: Start winter semester 2020/21
  • 12.10.2020: Lectures begin for all bachelor's and master's programmes, including the first semester
  • 05.02.2021: End of lectures
  • 08.02.2021 to 26.02.2021: Exams
  • 01.03.2021: Start summer semester 2021
  • 15.03.2021: Lectures begin for the summer semester 2021

Overview of all dates for the winter semester 2020/2021

Updated: 7 September 2020

11 December: Will meetings and events that are not in the curriculum take place?

Due to the currently high number of cases, all on-campus events and meetings that are not part of the curriculum will be cancelled until 28 February 2021 inclusive. This decision is based on the Corona Statutes of Baden-Württemberg.

The following cannot take place on campus:

§ 9 of the Current Corona Statutes allows for faculty and university committees and commissions to take place in the form of a web conference. Resolutions can be made in en votes by a show of hands using the conference tool, by chat or by individual poll. Secret ballots will be used subsequently by mail. Circular resolutions are possible if necessary.

Calender of events

Updated: 11 December 2020

Will the international exchange programmes planned for the winter semester 2020/2021 take place?

Esslingen University has decided not to cancel its international exchange programmes planned for the winter semester 2020/2021. Students who have arranged an exchange at one of our partner universities can take part as planned. This is naturally subject to conformity with all travel restrictions that apply at the time: travel warnings, social isolation and quarantine rules.

Students who are taking part in an international exchange related to their studies must register at the International Office in their guest country with an Online Arrival Check a maximum of 5 days after arrival.

Should there be a current travel warning for the country travellel to, the University strongly advises the travel be cancelled. In this case, the partner university should be contacted and the possibility of an online start into the semester, and a later travel to the country be discussed.

All further details should be discussed with the International Office direkt per Mail. Wednesdays from 1 to 2 p.m. the IO holds WebEx-Office-Hours

Updated: 7 July 2020

Does the University give assistance to students in their final semester who are having problems finding jobs or thesis places?

The Career Centre's project "Time for Plan B: Let's Make the Best of This - Together" is geared towards supporting students in their final semester.

Assistance in Finding Thesis Places, Jobs or Internships

For more information on qualification and registration, please see:

Zeit für Plan B: Machen wir das Beste draus – gemeinsam

Updated: 7 August 2020

Special regulations for the winter semester 2020/21

21 January: Which safety measures and other regulations apply to on-campus exams?

From 8 to 26 Februray 2021, written exams are taking place on campus. Some few exams are taking place in January.

During examinations, the university will implement the following rules, in addition to the Health & Safety Measures (§8 applies to examinations on campus):

  • Update 21 January: All persons must wear a medical face mask (OP-mask, KN95/N95 or FFP2) in the building AND during the examination.
  • It is necessary that this form is filled out: Confirmation of Health for On-Campus Exams and Rules of Conduct
  • Social distancing
    • Rooms will be occupied in such a way that the safety distance of 1,5 m can be maintained at all times. 
    • Examinees are asked to maintain distance after the exam and to leave the campus quickly.
  • Before entering a room, students must wash or disinfect their hands. The university will provide hand disinfectant in the entry of the building and in front of the rooms.
  • Examinations
    • Students take an exam paper from the pile at the entry (Note: do not leaf through)
    • Student IDs are placed on the outer desk of each row.
    • The exams are given in on the outer desk of each row.
    • Students must bring their own pencils / pens.
    • Please do not forget your student ID. Without a student ID, you CANNOT take the exam.
  • Before the first exam (in the morning), the tables and chairs are cleaned by the cleaning personnel. Between exams, tenside wipes are provided. The students must wipe down their desks themselves. This cleaning will be supervised by the invigilator.
  • Exams of over 90 minutes can only be conducted if the windows of the exam room are constantly tipped.
  • Documentation: 

During the examinations, university buildings are to be used only for examinations. Students may arrive half an hour before the exams begin and go directly to their exam room. They are allowed to use the toilets. The University is closed for all other persons.

The buildings are only allowed to be used to take scheduled examinations. Violations of this rule will incur legal measures.

Students must inform themselves in advance about the building and room number their exam will take place in. They should note that each exam will take place spread out over a number of rooms.

Students arriving by public transport should plan in sufficient time, as public transport is running less frequently during these times.

Updated: 21 January 2021

How do the the "Corona Statutes" from 21 December 2020 help our students?

The Corona Statutes should help to reduce the negative effects of the Corona crisis on the success of our student's studies, so that as many courses and exams as possible can be completed during the winter semester 2020/21.

The „Corona Statutes“ regulate the course of studies in the following areas.

  • Leave of absence
  • Study and exam performances
  • Online oral exams
  • Online courses
  • Practical study semester
  • Study abroad
  • Alternative learning formats, content and course of studies
  • Meetings and resolutions in committees and commissions
  • Guest student status to bridge the gap.

This applies to all bachelor's and master's programmes, with the exception for the part-time master's programmes of Esslingen University.

Current Corona Statutes (in German)

Updated: 11 January 2021

Are alternative learning formats and content allowed?

In cases where individual modules or parts thereof cannot be given as laid out in the Study and Examination Regulations, these can be replaced by alternative formats or contents, insofar as these lead to the student's reaching the required level of competence in the given field. The faculties, together with the Study Commission, decide which alternative formats and contents are admissible in each case.

In cases where no alternative formats or contents can be found, the course can be modified so that each semester achieves 30 credit points and that graduation is possible in the normal given time. The Faculty Council decides whether a modification of the course is possible.

Current Corona Statutes

Updated: 11 January 2021

What about examinations?

The examination period for the winter semester 2020/21 is planned for 8 - 26 February 2021.

The Corona Statutes from 18 August 2020 regulate the following exceptions for the study and exam performances in the winter semester 2020/21:

  • Electronic exam submission
    Exams can be submitted partially or completely in an electronic form.
  • Changes to exam formats
    The type or format of exams required for a course can be changed within the first 3 weeks of the semester (12 October to 5 February 2021).
    During a semester, the type or format of the exam can be changed, especially for persons who belong to a risk group, who have chronic illnesses or handicaps.
  • Earlier dates for exams
    Lecturers can schedule individual exams before the examination period. This requires the authorisation of the Examination Board. 
Special Regulations for oral exams
  • Oral exams can be given by video conference if the student is not on campus.
  • The student only has a right to this if they would otherwise experience extreme hardship (i.e because they are persons at risk, are chronically ill or have a handicap).

Current Corona Statutes (in German)

Updated: 11 January 2021

Under what circumstances can I request a leave of absence for the winter semester 2020/2021?

Students of all programmes (with the exception of the part-time master’s degrees) can take a leave of absence from their studies, in accordance with the Corona-Statutes of 18 August 2020, if they are:

  • active in a health-care or medical institution or in an institution that is primarily concerned with the professional care of people in need of assistance.
  • active in an agricultural business or in a business that is primarily concerned with the basic needs of the public or is system-relevant. 
  • at a high risk of severe health problems if exposed to an infection by the Corona virus.
  • caring for dependents who are at a high risk of severe health problems if exposed to an infection by the Corona virus.  
  • international students remaining in their home countries, as long as travel to Germany is not possible or recommended.
  • experiencing severe financial difficulties as a result of the Corona pandemic, which requires them to take up work. This is also possible for first-semester students.

A leave of absence for any of these reasons cannot exceed 3 semesters.

Apply for a Leave of Absence

Updated: 7 September 2020

Can I take a leave of absence from my studies if I need to take care of my child due to the Corona pandemic?

According to § 10.2.5 of the Admissions and Matriculation Regulations, parents can request a leave of absence if they need to care for their child at home due to the closure of schools or daycare facilities (daycare, kindergarten) because of the Corona pandemic, as long as the child's facility remains closed for the majority of the lecture period.

According to § 10.8.ZIO, examinations may be taken during this period.

Updated: 7 September 2020

Can I take part in courses or exams in spite of my leave of absence?

Students given a leave of absence in accordance to §2.1 of the Corona Statutes are allowed to take part in courses and exams, and to use University facilities.

Current Corona Statutes (in German)

Updated: 11 January 2021

NEW 23 October: Can students who belong to risk groups obtain consideration?

Students who belong to risk groups and can therefore not attend classes or exams on campus can apply for consideration at the Examination Board.

The application form can be found in the internet.

Updated: 23 October 2020

What about excursions?

There will be no excursions in the winter semester 2021.

Updated: 7 September 2020

What effects do this have on dual-study programmes?

Please clarify these questions with your department and company. We are confident that, together, you will be able to find a good solution under these uncommon circumstances.

The contact person for your department is listed in the following.

Updated: 7 September 2020

7 December: What regulations apply for students during their practical semester?

The new Corona Statutes of 18 August 2020 provides additional options for the recognition of the winter semester 2020/21 practical semester:

Taking regular courses from later semesters:
Students who, due to the Corona crisis, cannot begin their practical semester as planned are allowed to take courses from later semesters instead. I.e. moving up a later theoretical semester or an individual module.

Recognition of WFH:
Days that students can work from home as part of the contractually planned work time can be counted as days present. The head of their Internship Office can advise them about this recognition.

Reduction of required presence days:
As long as the required competence can be acquired, it is possible to reduce the number of presence days to 50 work days. The recognition of the practical semester depends on the level of competence achieved and demonstrated to the head of the Internship Office during this time.

Update 7 December 2020
The following exceptions apply to students in the Faculty of Social Work, Health Care and Nursing Sciences:

A reduction of the required presence days is not possible, as this conflicts with the degree requirements. Practise days that are completed at home can not be recognised towards the degree.

Current information and further FAQs can be found in the moodle courses (please see: "Praxisamt Praxissemester")

Splitting of practical semester:
The practical semester can be divided into different parts with various internship employers. The individual parts can be completed any time until the end of the winter semester 2021/22.  The head of their Internship Office decides about the minimum scope of the individual parts and the recognition thereof.   

Current Corona Statutes (in German)

Updated: 7 December 2020

What about study abroad?

The new Corona Statutes of 18 August 2020 stipulate:

  • Students who planned to study abroad during the Corona pandemic may continue studying at Esslingen University as usual.
  • Students of the B.Sc. in International Industrial Management who planned to study abroad planned during the Corona pandemic are required to do so at a later date. If this is not possible without extending the duration of their studies or poses serious difficulties for the student, the Faculty's Examination Committee can determine a substitute for this study abroad according to § SPO of the Study and Examination Regulations.

Current Corona Statutes (in German)

Applications for study abroad can currently be made. Applications for the summer semester 2021 can be submitted up to the end of November.

Further Information

Updated: 7 September 2020

Do you have further study-related questions?


Please consult your department should you have further questions related to your course of studies. You will find the contact persons in the FAQs (below).



Updated: 7 September 2020

Access to Facilities and buildings

16 December: Are the university buildings open?

Reacting to the current Corona situation, Esslingen University is keeping all class on line and buildings on all three campuses closed.

Under strict adhesion to the Health & Safety Regulations, a few necessary on-campus events, for example labs, have been made possible.

Important: Effective immediately, students must bring a completed and signed Registration Form  with them in order to participate in on-campus events (labs, exams, counselling appointments etc) . Without this, students are not allowed on campus.

The libraries are closed. Media can be borrowed through the mail. It is not possible to study in the libraries. You will find further information on the home page of the libraries: https://www.hs-esslingen.de/en/university/services/library/

The following groups are allowed access to University buildings: University members, members of a Steinbeis Transfer Centre, GründES! teams, FTAG, Rennstall, E.Stall, Rally-Stall, Research scholars, as well as external companies necessary for the functioning / renovation of the buildings.

Apart from these groups, the buildings are closed to students and external persons. Students should avoid being on the campuses during November and only come to the University when absolutely necessary. Please contact your lecturers and colleagues by email, phone of Webex.

Updated: 16 December 2020

24 September: Are face masks mandatory?

Effective immediately, face masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn in all University buildings at all times. Please respect this rule. A face mask ist not necessary at the work place.

Update: 24 September 2020

01 September: Which health & safety measures does the University recommend?

The University has created a catalogue of Health & Safety Measures for those members of staff who have access to the university, e.g. for temporary presence as in labs and exams.

These cover the following points:

  1. General health & safety
  2. Health & safety in rooms: lecture and seminar rooms, PC pools, labs, lounges, administration rooms and corridors
  3. Health & safety in the washrooms
  4. Preventions to take during breaks
  5. At-risk persons
  6. Routing and event organisation
  7. Labs
  8. Exams
  9. Meetings
  10. Obligation to report

Health & Safety Regulations of Esslingen University

Updated: 1 September 2020

9 October: Is the Student Affairs Office open?

Due to the current situation, this office is closed Should you be unable to clarify your questions by email or post, it is possible to schedule a personal appointment.

studierendensekretariat(at)hs-esslingen.de or phone 0711 397 - 3050

Updated: 9 October 2020

13 January: Are the libraries open?

The libraries are closed. Media can be borrowed through the mail.

As of 14 January 2021, borrowed media can be picked up at the libraries on both campuses.

You will find further information on the home page of the libraries: https://www.hs-esslingen.de/en/university/services/library/

Updated: 13 January 2021

30 October: Are the laboratories open?

Since 26 October, access to University labs has been possible (e.g. for lab work and experiments, project work and research etc.).

A prerequisite for on-campus teaching in labs is the approval of the President's Office. Please apply for on-campus lab work through your Dean's Office.

Important: Effective immediately, students must bring a completed and signed Registration Form  with them in order to participate in on-campus events (labs, exams, counselling appointments etc) . Without this, students are not allowed on campus.

Lab work should be organized in such a way that not more than 10 participants are in the room. Face masks must be worn at all time in all places on campus.

The lab or project supervisor will meet the students at a given meeting point and bring them to the room. Lingering in the building is not allowed.

Updated: 30 October 2020

30 October: Do I have to register for on-campus events?

Tracing the chain of infection plays a huge role in the fight against Covid. The University is taking every care possible in this regard. For this reason, on-campus events can only be attended if students bring a completed and signedRegistration Form with them. Without this, students are not allowed on campus.

Data Protection:
The original Registration Forms and the Excel lists in which the data is stored are strictly confidential. In order to be able to trace possible infection chains, they are kept for four weeks, and then hard copies are destroyed (locked data file or shredder), in compliance with data protection regulations. The Excel lists and all copies thereof are deleted. In the case of confirmed infection, the President's Office and other responsible persons will inform the Health Authorities. Only this group has access to the data and will be able to identify students.

Update: 30 October 2020

How can I contact the Student Advisory Services?

The Student Advisory Services (ZSB) are available online during this time. The ZSB Team is happy to help you online via our contact form, by email or telephone.

Zentrale Studienberatung
E-Mail: zentralestudienberatung(at)hs-esslingen.de
Tel: 0711 397 3212

Updated: 10 September 2020

4 November: Is the Mensa open?

As classes at Esslingen University are currently on line, the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart has closed all Mensas due to minimal demand.

Further information of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart

Updated: 4 Novemberr 2020

What should I pay attention to in the dorms?

The Studierendenwerk Stuttgart has put all information about specific questions for the dorms regarding the Corona-Virus on a special page.

Further information of Studierendenwerk Stuttgart

Update: April, 16 2020

Can I contact University employees?

All service departments and institutions of the Esslingen University are available vie telephone and E-Mail.

Update: March 13, 2020

NEW 5 November: Is there a university sports programme?

Due to the restrictions of the Corona pandemic, there are currently no on-campus events at Esslingen University.

Esslingen University has publishd an online course programme  for all university members during the winter semester 2020/21.

The online sports programme starts on 9 November 2020 on Webex.


After registration, participants will be given the link to the WebEx course rooms.

Updated: 5 November 2020

Questions regarding online classes

What technical requirements do I need for online learning?

The following technical requirements are necessary for online learning:

  • Cisco WebEx: The video-conference system Cisco Webex has been made available for e-learning to all University members. This can be used for video-conferences, online meetings, events and trainings, to share screens and chat.

    Cisco WebEx Instruction Manual
  • Moodle: Moodleccourses are available to everyone with a University email address and password. You will receive an invitation to courses given via Moodle from your department head or teacher.

    Moodle Instruction Manual
  • VPN: For access to certain University services, you will need a special software on you device in addition to your username and password. This specialized software (OpenVPN) creates a secure connection between your device and the University network.

    OpenVPN Instruction Manual
  • Library: You will require OpenVPN for unlimited use of the online-library, which is available 24/7.

    Library Instruction Manual

Please see the question: "Which rules should I follow when taking part in online classes?"

Updated: 26 August 2020

Which rules should I follow when taking part in online classes?

Due to the Corona pandemic, classes in the winter semester 2020/21 will be primarily on line.

Please assist us in ensuring successful online studies by observing the following rules:

  • Property / trademark rights
  • Behaviour in online classes
  • The necessary "something"
  • Netiquette

Download presentation "Digital studies - Do's and Dont's"

This and further information are explained in the Moodle course "Digitale learning at Esslingen University for Students".

Updated: 9 September 2020

What measures have been taken to make digital learning accessible?

Accessible learning: In order for all students to have an equal opportunity to participate in online learning, Esslingen instructors must ensure the following prerequisites:

  • Good sound and video quality when on line.
  • Availability of additional clear, barrier-free written texts in Moodle, along with the recorded course, in the form of lecture notes, a print copy of any “whiteboards”, powerpoint presentations, scripts, etc.
  • The written scripts must be available on Moodle at least until the end of exams and re-examinations.
  • Opportunities for further questions about the course and material.

Notice: Students with disabilities and students with chronic illnessness can request further accessbility through their Faculty's Examination Committee.

Updated: 21 April 2020

20 October: How can I study effectively online?

The Corona situation requires students to study from home, and most of the winter semester 2020/21 in Esslingen will take place on line. The manner of studying has changed entirely and this can be very challenging. Studying from home requires good time management, structure and motivation.

Counsellors from the Student Advice Centre are there to help students with tips, information and coaching. You can contact them online, so that your studies can continue successfully in spite of Corona.

Contact our councellors or simply read the guidelines in the intranet:

Moodle course "Studying and Networking"

Course "Successful Studies"

Guidelines on "Studying in a structured and motivated manner"

Conselling and Support

Updated: 20 October 2020

Information for First Semester Students in the winter semester 2020/2021

Update 8 October: Will it be possible to have on-campus classes?

Reacting to the current situation, Esslingen University is cancelling all on-campus events effective immediately. This regulation applies for all campuses initially until 23 October.

The winter semester will begin as planned on 12 October. However, all events in the coming two weeks will take place online.

The following events, which were in part organized on campus, are affected by this:

  • Teaching and labs
  • Graduation ceremonies in each faculty
  • Greeting the incoming students
  • Preparation courses for first-semester students
  • Sports

Updated: 8 October 2020

Update 8 October: How can I get my Student ID Card?

Due to the current situation, picking up your student ID card in person is not possible.

Student Services will therefore send you your student ID cards by post, starting on 12 October.

Student Services requests you to ensure that your current address is listed in the LSF by 11 October 2020.

You will find a description of how to change your address in the Intranet under the point „LSF“ - "Stundenplan" - „Meine Funktionen“ - „Allgemeine Verwaltung“ - „Kontaktdaten“.

Updated: 8 October 2020

Miscellaneous Questions

Which conditions apply to BaFöG-support?

for all students who receive BAföG support:

  • Students who are dependent on support from the German Federal Training Assistance Act (BaFöG) should not feel any financial disadvantages in the case of their educational institution temporarily closing or postponing the start of the semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • However: As far as lessons can be given on line, the following applies: students who receive BAföG support must take courses to the same extent as they would on campus, as far as this is possible, and to carry on with their studies.
  • Unavoidable delays due to the pandemic pose just and severe cause in the sense of § 15.3.1 BAföG, which states that support will therefore be prolonged. This also applies when e.g. the exams are planned for dates that are not within the regular study period. According to § 48.2 BAföG, the date for submission is equally delayed.

Further information

for all students who are inscribed in the summer semester 2020 in Baden-Württemberg:

In order to avoid severe difficulties for students during the Corona pandemic, the study period for the summer semester has been extended. The limit for support has, through this, also been extended by one semester.
Pressemitteilung des MWK

who can help answer questions?

Studierendenwerk Stuttgart

Esslingen students should turn to the Department for Educational Support at the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart.

Student Affairs Office

The team at Esslingen's Student Affairs Office is always available to assist you.

Student Affairs Office

Contact Student Affairs Office
E-Mail: zentralestudienberatung(at)hs-esslingen.de
Telefon: 0711 397 3212 

Updated: 10 September 2020

1 December: Can I use my student ID card for public transport despite the missing validation?

As the University buildings are closed due to the Corona pandemic, students do not have the opportunity to validate their student ID cards. They are therefore unable to prove their student status in the case of public transport ticket checks.

The Studierendenwerk Stuttgart has reached a solution with the Stuttgart Transit Office (VVS) and the NALDO. Until further notice:

Students can use public transport as needed. For travel between Monday and Friday, 6 pm to 5 am on the following day, as well as all day on weekends and holidays, students can use their ID cards in combination with their matriculation certificate for the summer semester 2020. With this, students are also able to purchase a VVS-Student ticket.  

 Further information from the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart

Updated: 1 December 2020

NEW 28 July: Is the public transport ticket (VVS) valid for the summer semester 2020?

According to the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, the public transport ticket normally valid for the summer semester 2020 is extended until 31 October 2020.

The following are also valid until 31 October 2020:

  • The StudiTicket

  • The Connection StudiTicket

  • The rules for travel from Monday to Friday between 6 p.m. and 5 a.m. as well as weekends and holidays.

Please note: As students may have problems renewing their student ID cards, they should always carry a valid certificate of immatriculation with them (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung). They can print these out through the LSF . This will enable them to buy a VVS-StudiTicket.

Further information of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart

Updated: 28 July 2020

NEW 28 July: Is there a flexible public transport pass responding to the uncertainty of the winter semester?

According to the Studierenwerk Stuttgart, as of 1 August 2020, students can buy a StudiTicket and an Anschluss-StudiTicket that is valid from the first of any given month for 6 months. These are no longer bound to the dates of the semester.

Further information from the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart

Updated: 28 July 2020

Who can help if I am in personal or financial distress because of the Corona crisis?

The Corona crisis causes uncertainty in many aspects of life, both in and beyond your studies. If you need advice and help during this difficult situation, or to plan your next steps, the team from Student Affairs is here for you. You can contact us in the following ways:

Online Councelling

E-Mail: zentralestudienberatung(at)hs-esslingen.de
Telefon: 0711 397 3212 

You can rest assured that all counselling is strictly confidential. Further information about our services can be found here: www.hs-esslingen.de/zentralestudienberatung

You also have the opportunity to contact:

Information about the BAföG support can be found in the question: "Which conditions apply to BAföG support?"

Updated: 16 September 2020

Regulations for university staff

Labour Regulations

Due to the current health situation, Esslingen University's labour regulations are being expanded and amended. The goal is to enable as much of our staff as possible to work from home and, in cases where this is not possible, to minimize their contact to other people. We ask all supervisors and all staff to support these goals.

The exceptions named below are valid immediately until at least 28 February 2021.

All information about the exceptions to the usual labour regulations are available in the intranet.

Updated: 24 September 2020

Apply for winter semester 2021/22!

Applications will be accepted from 15 April 2021 to 15 July 2021.
Please note the different application times for our international Master's programmes.

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