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Equality and Equal Opportunities

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences has long been committed to gender equality and equal opportunities. The equality of women and men is one of the University’s development goals and a central responsibility that cuts across all areas, affecting all academic and support staff. Activities and measures to ensure equality are manifold and can be found in all areas of the University.

The University’s commitment to equality is more than just a socially and legally prescribed task. It also reflects current demands on knowledge systems, in which equality is receiving more and more attention and is becoming an important aspect of quality in research and teaching.

General Information

Strategies and Aims

What do we want to achieve?

The foundation for our work on equality is comprised of the political objectives and areas of activity which are detailed in Esslingen University’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

Equal Opportunities Policy 2013-2018 (DE)

Institutions and Persons

Our Committees

Equal opportunities work is institutionally anchored in at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences in a variety of forms.

The Equal Opportunities Representative (academic matters) supports and advises the President´s office and employees in equal opportunities issues for women and men. She works for the promotion of equal opportunities between men and women at the University and represents students, academic and scientific staff in equal opportunities matters.

The Equal Opportunities Representative (non-academic matters) represents and advises all non-academic staff equal opportunities issues.

Career Centre and programme coordination for the Deutschlandstipendium (grants for students from ethnic minorities and with underprivileged backgrounds)

  • Deputy Equal Opportunities Representative (non-academic matters)

The Equal Opportunities Commission advises and supports the University in equal opportunities issues for women and men in the form of a Senate Committee.

Protection from sexual harassment and violence

Clear Positioning

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences has clearly positioned itself as being against any form of sexualized violence. Its obligations to protect university members are set out in the following Guidelines as PDF.

Complaints or questions should be addressed to the contact person for sexualised harassment at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences:

Prof. Dr. Julia Gebrande
Faculty of Social Work, Education and Nursing Sciences

Angela Schwarz
Health & Safety at Work

Tim Clemenz
Student Services and Degree Programme Management Department

Your inquiries will of course be treated confidentially.


We do networking!

The equal opportunities representatives at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences are members of various women´s networks.

Baden-Wuerttemberg Conference for Equal Opportunities Representatives (BWCEOR)

The equal opportunities representatives from universities of applied sciences in Baden-Wuerrtemberg (UASBW) and the Dual University of Baden-Wuerttemberg (DUBW) have formed an association known as the Baden-Wuerttemberg Conference for Equal Opportunities Representatives (BWCEOR).

For academics who are interested in an academic teaching post at a UASBW or the DUBW, the BWCEOR offers a wide range of information and support through workshops, seminars and info-evenings and their webpage.

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Guehring is currently the spokesperson for the BWCOER.

Esslingen Women’s Council

The  Esslingen Women’s Council is a network of 54 women’s groups, organisations and institutions that are engaged in women’s issues in Esslingen. Every year, the Women’s Council organizes Women’s Weeks in Esslingen. The Equal Opportunities Representative at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is a member of the women’s council.

Federal State Initiative "Women in MINT professions"

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is an alliance partner of the  Federal State Initiative  "Women in MINT Professions". This federal state initiative is supported by the Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry for Economic Affairs, Work and Housing Construction and the Ministry for Science, Research and Art. The aim is to directly encourage girls and women to choose MIINT professions and to offer them support in beginning their MINT careers.

Reports and Successes

What we have achieved

The Equal Opportunities Report

The Equal Opportunities Representatives report annually to Senate about their work. This report is published in written form in the University’s annual report.  

Equal Opportunities Report 2018 PDF

Equal Opportunities Report 2017 PDF

Equal Opportunities Report 2016 PDF

Equal Opportunities Report 2015 PDF

Female Academics Programme

As part of its equal opportunities initiative, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences successfully implemented programmes to encourage female academics in 2009 and 2013. The positive evaluation received by the University’s equal opportunities initiative meant that Esslingen University of Applied Sciences was able to apply for the second level of applications.

In the second round of the programme, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences succeeded in appointing five female academics to newly created posts. For this, the Federal Ministry of

Education and Research and the Ministry of Science, Research and Art provided a total of around three million € for five years.

Background to the Female Academics Programme

The Female Academics Programme was initiated in 2008 by the national and federal state governments to increase the proportion of female academic staff at German universities with a total budget of 300 million Euros (150 million Euros per call for applicants). The programme is effective at two levels: it increases the proportion of female academics at German universities and implements specific measures to strengthen equal opportunity structures.

Events, Projects and Mentoring

Our Events

Esslingen Women’s Weeks

Every year in March, around International Women’s Day on 8th March, the Esslingen Women’s Weeks take place. The Women’s Council invites participants from the region and beyond to take part in a varied programme of events. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences always makes a contribution.

Women’s Industry and Commerce Days

Every year in October, the Women’s Industry and Commerce Days take place nationally with the support of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry for Finance and Economy. The focus is on the great importance of women in industry and commerce in the South West of Germany. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is also involved.

Girls' Day

The national Girls’ Day takes place every year in April, generally on the last Thursday of the month.  Esslingen University of Applied Sciences also opens its doors to female school students in grades 7 and 8. The aim is to give girls an insight into fields of work that they seldom or never consider.

Further information on the programme and applications can be found here.


The Equal Opportunities Representatives encourage female students to take advantage of mentoring programmes and support to take their first steps in their careers. 

Mentoring "Students for Students"

Beginning students are mentored by students from the third semester onwards.


Crossmentes: Students are mentored by specialists and managers from industry and commerce.

Technology needs Diversity

In the project “Technology needs diversity”, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences works together with Stuttgart University and various organisations led by women migrants (among others, the Forum of Cultures and the German-Turkish Forum from the Stuttgart/Esslingen region) to increase the proportion of women doing technical and scientific degrees.

Apply for winter semester 2021/22!

The application period for our bachelor's degree programmes runs to 31 July 2021.
For the master's programmes, the application deadline is 15 July. Please note the different application times for our international master's programmes.

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