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Central academic institutions (ZWE)

The central academic institutions (ZWE) at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences exercise five cross-cutting functions to support the university and its faculties with their teaching and study programmes, and also with research and transfer.


Overview of the university's central academic institutions

Digital transformation in acamedic study


Cross-faculty coordination and subject-specific quality assurance for the introduction and development of digital course content in all the university’s degree programmes.

Fields of responsibility

  • Programming
  • Software engineering
  • Databases
  • Operating systems
  • Machine learning
  • Data science
  • Networks
  • IT security

Contact: Prof. Jürgen Nonnast

Reserach and transfer


Centralised enhancement of the research and transfer activities at the university, and the academic training and teaching in accordance with the principle of research and teaching autonomy under §3 LHG (Higher Education Act of Baden-Württemberg).


The Research and Transfer central academic institution is the umbrella organisation for the university’s research institutes. The faculties involved are integrated into the management of this central academic institution to ensure good interlinking between research and teaching. The research institutes are evaluated to guarantee they meet the highest quality standards.

To the topic research & Transfer

Contact: Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gühring

International Centre and Graduate School

Internationalisation in research and teaching and an effective global network designed for long-term collaborations are now important components in the training of students from all disciplines. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences promotes the exchange of students, lecturers and staff with partner universities across the globe.


The “International Centre and Graduate School” is a central academic institution whose task is to coordinate the international relationships in close collaboration with the President’s Office and the faculties, and it is the competent point of contact for all issues relating to internationalisation at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

Fields of responsibility

  • Initiation and organisation of international partnerships and exchange programmes
  • Coordination of the Master programmes which are taught in English under the joint brand “The Esslingen Graduate School”
  • Provision of language courses and cultural programmes.

To the topic "International Relations"

Contact: Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zürn

Orientation and undergraduate studies


Subject-specific and individual support of students during their orientation phase and development of modular formats for the undergraduate studies phase

Fields of responsibility

  • Transition school-university
  • Preparatory courses
  • Key skills to help students to succeed at university
  • Orientation semester


  • Cross-faculty coordination and specialist quality assurance for the basic training content, particularly in relation to mathematics and physics
  • Creation of courses to provide cross-disciplinary, subject-specific support and personal development during the undergraduate studies phase
  • Enhance the profile of the university in the orientation and undergraduate studies phase.

Facilities and offers of the orientation and undergraduate studies central academic institution (ZWE)

Contact: Prof. Dr. Martin Stämpfle

Continuing education and training


To facilitate sustainable continuing academic education and training in keeping with the university profile

Fields of responsibility

  • Weiterbildungs-GmbH of Esslingen University (continuing education agency, to be established in the near future)
  • Master in Continuing Education in cooperation with external collaboration partners
  • Part-time courses leading to the award of a certificate
  • Customised education programmes.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Marion Laging

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