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Latest news from HE-Personal

We reveal the secrets of the HAW professorship

1 Sep. 2022 Advertisement - Research - University - Academic Study

Information Session at 17:30 on 15 September

Most people are still unaware of the advantages and requirements of a professorship at a university of applied sciences (HAW professorship) –or it is forced into the background by the classical university professorship and the post-doctoral lecturing qualification requirements. But did you know that these are not a requirement for an HAW professorship? That professional experience outside the university setting is not only welcomed, but even expected?

Didactics are important for the professorship

While a doctorate is still the main academic qualification required for most professorial appointments, a key aspect of the HAW professorship is didactic competency. HAW professors must be able to teach academic topics to their students as they relate to application. They also advise and accompany the students not only on their academic path, but also on their career path as well. But this does not mean there is not enough time for research. Professors have the opportunity to get involved in research projects or manage laboratories.

If you are interested in taking on political responsibility at the university, you can help it to forge ahead with its goals as a member of the Faculty Council, the Senate or the President’s Office, for example. Or maybe your burning passion is that everyone is treated equally regardless of gender, sexual orientation or physical requirements? If so, then the office of Equal Opportunities Representative is ideal for you.

Family-friendly workplace

Professors enjoy family-friendly working conditions by virtue of their civil servant status and the flexibility they are afforded in planning their schedule. It is even possible to work part time and/or enrol your child at the university’s own day nursery.

The HAW professorship is not only a profession; it can also be a vocation. It allows you to pursue work which is meaningful and offers plenty of scope for creativity and personal development.

Information evening on 15 September

If the information above has awakened your interest and you would like to learn more about this career option, we cordially invite you to join us at “Career Paths to an HAW Professorship”, our interactive information session at 17:30 on Thursday, 15 September, at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. Secrets about life as a professor will be revealed and factual information about the appointment process will be provided. You will not only find out about the requirements for the HAW professorship, but also gain insights into the paths the life and career of a professor can take. Current HAW professors will offer tips and give their advice on the process through discussion and coaching rounds. Refreshments will be provided.

This event is part of the “Sustainability³” Conference with the HAWtech German Alliance for Applied Sciences. It is organised by Esslingen University of Applied Sciences as part of the “HE-Personal” project to recruit and qualify professorial staff.

Time and Place

Thursday, 15 September, 17:30-19:45 in the Senatssaal at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, Building 1, Room S01.021, City Centre Campus, Kanalstraße 33, 73728 Esslingen am Neckar

 Further information

Person to contact: If you have any questions concerning the professorial appointment process, you are welcome to contact Alexandra Bartelt, Professorial Appointment Manager, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

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"Baden-Württemberg awards right to grant doctoral degrees to joint Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (HAW).

Science Minister Theresia Bauer: ‘We are opening up a further path whereby HAW graduates can gain a doctorate and at the same time strengthening the HAW as an institution.'

BW model: HAW Association for Doctoral Studies can award doctoral degrees in the future / Ten further collaborative doctoral programmes are being established.

The Association for Doctoral Studies is (HAW BW e.V.) to be awarded the right to grant doctoral degrees as early as this September."

Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts (2022)

Press release of the MWK

Project Lead Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gühring appointed as Vice-President Research and Transfer

Esslingen press release on the election of Vice-Presidents on 10 May 2022

Press release of Esslingen University of Applied Science


Financial stimulus for qualification of new professorial staff

20 Sep. 2021 Research - University - Academic Study

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences and its collaborating partners receive six million euros of funding to recruit and qualify professors// President: “Crucial achievement to enable us to expand our excellent teaching and research”

Press release of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

Press release Joint Science Conference (GWK): Expert committee selects universities:

64 universities of applied sciences receive funding to recruit and develop professorial staff.

Bonn, 5 November 2020
PR 08/2020

Press release Joint Science Conference (GWK)


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