More that a tipical MBA Programme

"In most cases, Festo scholarship holders have returned to their home country and have taken on top positions there.

"The global networks, the English language, getting to know more than just the university, and the integration in a German company is a decided advantage for later networking.

"The cooperation with the Graduate School and the MBA was the right decision for us."

- Dr. Wilfried Stoll, managing partner of Festo AG & Co. KG. Founding member of the lndustrial Advisory Board of the Graduate School
(translated from the German)

Esslingen University is one of the leading universities in Germany for applied sciences, with core areas in engineering and management as weil as applied research.

These strengths form the Esslingen MBA in International lndustrial Management, which focuses on the functional areas of business (operations, marketing and flnance) in the manufacturing sector and the encompassing services. 

Your benefits
  • Boost your high-potential employees' company loyalty and motivation
  • Enlarge your personnel's network within your company headquarters or subsidiary in Germany
  • Designed for your staff from the academic fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)
  • International, English-taught management training for your future division leaders
  • Company presence can be combined with eight months' full-time MBA programme
  • Corporate project and master's thesis in your company for result-oriented problem solutions
  • Dual career option for expat partners in Germany
  • Recruiting instrument to gain highly capable business professionals

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The following students received an award for their outstanding master's thesis

  Prize Student Country Thesis topic Program
  Festo prize Qi Deng China Utilization of marketing strategy in charging stations to engage consumers and develop the brand recognition of battery electric vehicles MBA
  Festo prize Sebastian Rayon Nixon Ravikumar India Modeling of an Ottoparticle Filter for use in the XiL Environment ASM
  Festo prize Jorge Mario Patino Taborda Colombia Concept Development of a Trimmer System for a VE (Tabakverteileinheit) in terms of Cost Reduction and Format Flexibility DDM
  Bosch prize Madhavan Gopalan India Development of the Continuous/Autonomous Testing Environment of Boot Loader Embedded Software for Automotive ECUs ASM
  City of Esslingen Award Liliana Elizabeth Zarco Barragan Mexico Development and analysis of a strategy to ensure a sustainable implementation of shop floor management in Audi Neckarsulm MBA
  Festo prize Aline Godi Guedes Brazil Standardization of Operative Project Planning and Control at the KION Group MBA
  Festo prize Mariusz Francik Poland Supervising Controller for Dynamic Measurements of the Charge Air System ASM
  Festo prize Samraj Benedict Samuel Paulraj India Modular Design of a 5/2-way Poppet Valve Insert and 3/2-way Poppet Valve Insert (2x3/2) in the Existing Housing Designed for Spool Valves and Parameter Verification DDM
  Bosch prize Darko Maksimov Macedonia Model-Based Development of AUTOSAR-compliant Software for Predictive Energy Management in a Hybrid Electric Vehicle ASM
  ITK prize Madhavan Gopalan India Development of the Continuous/Autonomous Testing Environment of Boot Loader Embedded Software for Automotive ECUs  
  Festo prize Mahmoud Banat Lebanon Standardization Concept of Production Lines within an International Production Network MBA
  Festo prize Oliver Breuning Germany Realtime-Inertial Navigation System for an Outdoor Robot Using a Quaternion Based Error State Kalman Filter Fusion ASM
  Festo prize Michael Holzner Germany Design of an Autoclave for Curing Carbon Composite Materials DDM
  Bosch prize Sergo Gorgijanidze Germany The Creation of a Production and Business Concept for a new Costing Technology for Copper Alloys MBA
  ITK prize Sadhananda Siddharth Sathyamurthy India

Context-Aware Wireshark Plugin for Decoding and Analysing the Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol Widely Used in Automotive ECU Development

  Festo prize Thi Mai Anh Kim Vietnam Vertical Market Approach Proposal for Thermotechnology’s Large Specified Systems Business MBA
  Festo prize Karan Bargi India Development of Diesel Air System for Open and Closed Loop Application ASM
  Festo prize Michael Marzinzik Germany Improvement of Lightweight Properties of a Bridge Tool DDM
  Bosch prize Till Krauß Germany Investigation on the Application of Double-Shaft Unbalanced Drives DDM
  ETAS prize Natarajan Naharajan India Hardware-in-the-Loop Demonstration for Gasoline Combustion Engine ASM
  City of Esslingen award Arun Mohan India Concept for the Integration of a New Region into the Existing SM Network MBA
  Festo prize Ganesh Swaminathan India Concept for Enhancement and Further Development of Order and Process Management Tool MBA
  Festo prize Arun Radhakrishnan Nair India Rapid Prototyping Solution for Model Based Software Development with MATLAB/Simulink ASM
  Festo prize Magesh Moorthy Ponnurangan India Modelling of Real-Time Capable Steering Systems for EPS Applications DDM
  Bosch prize Ahmed Ismail Ibrahim Ismail Egypt Reliability of Sintered Silver Solder Joint in a Thermoelectric Module DDM
  Festo prize Artem Ermolenko Belarus Proposal for an Optimized Governance Structure and Demand Management in Multi Project Environment MBA
  Festo prize Kristina Braun Germany Development and Prototypical Implementation of a New Adaption Method for Hybrid Vehicles with the Focus on the Mixture ASM
  Festo prize David Ruprecht Germany Design Procedure for Dimensioning of Mobile Fuel Cell Systems DDM
  Bosch prize Udo Hartel Germany Parameter Identification of a Material Model for Concrete in Abaqus/Explicit DDM
  Festo prize MooKyung Shin Korea Development of a Winning Strategy of Festo: Focused on Valves in Asian Market, Especially Automotive and Electronic Market Segment MBA
  Festo prize Arun Sidalingappa India Development and Verification of a Test Pulse Method to Determine the Absolute Rotor Angle of a Permanent Magnet ASM
  Festo prize Andreas Petker Germany Determination of the Fatigue Strength of Welded Sheet Metals at High Temperatures DDM
  Bosch prize Joachim Friedl Germany Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Tribo-Electrical Properties of Tin and Gold Surfaces DDM
  City of Esslingen award Wei Huang China Business Plan for OPC Segment in Americas MBA
  Steinbeis Centre award Elvira Perless Germany Boost Control for a Dual-Stage System in a Gasoline Multi-Mode Combustion Engine ASM
  Festo prize Adrien Ignjatovic France Identification of Success Factors of The Business Model and Development of Growth Scenarios For SMC Corp. MBA
  Festo prize Lei Dong China Microcontroller Programming wiht Matlab/Simulink Blocksets ASM
  Festo prize Tobias Schumacher Germany Drive Concept for Portable Filler Mixer DDM
  VdE prize Nikesh Vishak India Correction of Injection Quantity by Removal of Internal Feedback Loop to Avoid Drift in Emissions ASM
  MbTech prize Loic Pinel France Development of a Teal-Time Capable Model for Combustion Engine DDM
  City of Esslingen award Juanita Avila Urrea Colombia Propose New Ways in Which ATMO7 Can Optimize Its Processes In Order to Improve Its DB5 MBA
  VdE award Prabu Shanmugam India Design and Implementation of a Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition System Software for High Availability Hybrid Test Rigs with Suitalble Visualization Data Analaysis and Reporting Capabilities IA
  Behr prize Philippe Pinnau France Thermodynamic Design and Construction of New R1349 Evaporation Concepts AE
  Bosch prize Eloi Piedallu France Development of a Simulation Model to Assist Aapplication of Boost Pressure Control for Gasoline Engine AE
  Bosch prize Phuong Tran Dien Viet Vietnam Development and Evaluation of a Function-in-the-Loop System IA
  VdE prize Rebecca Gutierrez Guerrero Mexico Implementation of a Driver Package for the Control of Test Hardware by using CAN IA
  VdE prize Paola Lugo Mexico Analysis of a Modern Test System for the Automotive Field in Relation with Standard Hard Real-Time Capable Bus Systems IA
  Bosch prize Ipek Sarac Turkey Setup of a Test System for the SW-Lab, Enabling Closed Loop Tests with Cylinder Pressure Signal Based Functionality in the EDC IA
  City of Esslingen award Christian Antonio Egana Ponce Chile Vertical Integration For Manufacturing Organisations: Implementation Model and Business Analysis MBA
  City of Esslingen award Jorge Cases Andreu Spain Computer Simulation of Vehicle Dynamics of the Mercedes CLK 2001 DTM Race Car AE
  City of Esslingen award Juliane Hertweck Germany Simulation of a Model of Work Processes in The Field of Maintenance MBA
  City of Esslingen award Susanne Becker Germany Branding and Naming in East Asia - The Challenge of Transformation MBA

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