Information for auditing students


Those wishing to be admitted as an auditing student must be able to prove they have the necessary education. Admission is dependent on sufficient capacity being available in the courses. Applicants may request to attend a maximum of three courses.

Auditing students may not take any examinations, and any course credits which are earned as an auditing student cannot be recognised as part of a degree programme.


A written application is required to be admitted as an auditing student.
The application form can be obtained from the Student Services

Student Services
Tel +49 (0)711 397-3050, E-Mail


Auditing students are required to pay the following fees:

  • €50 for courses totalling up to four hours per week,
  • €100 for courses totalling over four hours per week.

The fee becomes payable on admission and a payment request will be issued.
Members of the university are exempt from the fee.


Are you interested in a taster lecture?

More information on taster lectures can be found on the following page:

Taster Lecture


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