Dual study degree programme Degree programmes incorporating an apprenticeship, professional qualification or enhanced practical experience

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences incorporates a high proportion of practical experience into all its degree programmes in the form of practical semesters, internships and final projects.

But some Esslingen degree programmes provide an even greater proportion of practical experience. Students on some of these programmes obtain not only a Bachelor's degree but also a craft certificate or a professional qualification as well. The students naturally benefit from the close intermeshing of theory and practical experience and have the advantage of already having gained extensive professional experience when they graduate. Obtaining two qualifications opens up interesting career prospects and enhances their job opportunities.

And another benefit: Students taking one of the dual study degree programme options which involve a degree programme plus vocational training or a degree programme plus enhanced practical experience also receive financial remuneration while they are studying. A financially interesting alternative.

Dual Study Model

Hand in hand with industry and commerce: Esslingen University of Applied Sciences offers a dual study model. You study at the University like a normal student but have financial backing from your company and excellent career prospects after graduating.

Please note that, for this type of degree course, you have to apply to a company – so find out about companies that have vacancies in good time. You can find lists of companies that participate in this scheme on the following pages:

Degree programme plus apprenticeship

Cooperative study model plus a craft certificate.

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Degree programme plus professional qualification


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