How to Enrol

Have you received your letter of admission?

If you have accepted an offer from Esslingen University of Applied Sciences after the application deadline has passed and received your letter of admission.
Please keep it somewhere safe - it contains important information.

How to enrol

Now you can enrol at Esslingen University – here’s how:

1. Fill in your enrolment application form

Fill in, print out and sign your enrolment application form.

2. Send in your documentation

Please send us all the necessary documentation before the deadline (see certificate of admission).

In any case, we need your

  • enrolment application

We may need further documentation (see certificate of admission) – for example:

  • documentary evidence of a successfully completed pre-degree placement/internship (if required for your degree course)
  • de-enrolment certificate (if you have already been a student at another university)
  • documentary evidence of your right of residence (only for nationals of a foreign country outside the EU with foreign university entrance certificates)
  • certification of missing qualifications (only for Master’s degree courses).

Please send your documentation by post to:

Hochschule Esslingen – Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
- Zulassungsamt – Admissions Office -
Kanalstr. 33
73728 Esslingen

3. Payment of Compulsory Fees 

Don’t forget to pay the compulsory fees (e.g. Student Union contributions, administration fees). You should make payment of the entire amount by bank transfer to the bank account shown on your certificate of admission. This also shows how much you should pay by the enrolment deadline. 

4. Letter of welcome with further information

All done! When we have received all the necessary documents by the deadline, you will receive a package of information in the next few weeks.
It contains further details about your access data, enrolment certificates and other important documents.

Student ID and Student Certificate

You will receive your student identity card by post.


You will receive a confirmation of enrolment in acc. with §9 BAFÖG together with your certificate of enrolment.

The confirmation replaces form 2 for your BAföG application. BAföG recipients must send it to the Student Services Organisation Stuttgart, Amt für Ausbildungsförderung, Holzgartenstr. 11, 70174 Stuttgart/Germany. We will not provide manual confirmation of the form (form 2).


Within the VVS region, local public transport networks are free of charge after 18:00 Mondays to Fridays and all day Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. For all other journeys, you will need a Studiticket.

The fare reduction certificate for transport providers outside the VVS region must be affixed to the confirmation field provided in the application in each case. The university will not provide separate confirmation of applications for fare reductions.

FAQ’s and more detailed information


If you are unable to complete and sign the enrolment application personally, you can authorise another person to enrol you. In such cases, your application documentation should be accompanied by a letter (no forms required), signed by you, authorising a named person to apply for enrolment on your behalf.  The authorised person also has to remember to pay the necessary fees.

What is the enrolment deadline?

Please note that your enrolment has to take place before the enrolment deadline. This deadline is shown on your certificate of admission.

Your enrolment application together with all the documentation specified in your certificate of admission must arrive at the University and all the necessary fees must be paid into the bank account of the Landesoberkasse by this date.

If you are unable to provide all the necessary documentation by the deadline, please get in contact with the Student Services and Degree Programme Management Department (Studierendensekretariat).

The enrolment deadline automatically excludes students who do not meet it. This means that if you miss the deadline, you cannot enrol and your student place will be given to another person.

Compulsory Fees

The administration fees and all Student Union contributions must be paid by the enrolment/re-enrolment deadline. 

You can see what the fees for your degree course are on your certificate of admission

Please pay on time

Please make sure that you fill in the purpose (Verwendungszweck) completely and correctly. Otherwise, your payment to the University’s bank account (at the Landesoberkasse) cannot be followed back to you (the Landesoberkasse deals with payments to all the universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg!)  We need your application number to trace the payment back to you. You can find this number on your certificate of admission.

You can only enrol if your payment is already in the bank account of the Landesoberkasse by the deadline. So, make sure you deal with this in good time.

Evidence of a pre-degree practical placement/internship

With the exception of the engineering education degree programmes, the pre-study internships are suspended for the winter semester due to the Corona Statutes.

Degree Course Deadline
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Automotive Systems 
The pre-degree practical placement/internship (8 weeks) has to be completed and certified by the beginning of the 3rd semester.
  • Engineering Education Automotive Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Education Mechanical Engineering - Automation Engineering
  • Engineering Education Building Services Engineering - Mechanical Engineering

The pre-degree practical placement/internship (12 weeks) has to be completed and certified by the beginning of the 3rd semester.

  • Building Services, Energy and Environmental Engineering
  • Engineering Education Electrical Engineering - Information Technology 
The pre-degree practical placement/internship (12 weeks) has to be completed and certified by the beginning of the 4th semester.
  • Engineering Education Information Technology - Electrical Engineering
The pre-degree practical placement/internship (12 weeks) has to be completed and certified by the beginning of the 6th semester.

You can find more details in the Regulations for pre-degree practical placements/internships.


Students with severe disabilities can be partially exempted from payment of Student Union contributions.

If you are entitled to use public transport free of charge due to a severe disability, you can apply to have the cost of the StudiTicket refunded. When you enrol/re-enrol, please pay the complete Student Union contributions and then write to the Stuttgart Student Union at Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, Rosenbergstr. 18, 70174 Stuttgart with a copy of your severe disability pass to request a refund (no form necessary). 


If you have accepted a student place at another university, you have to withdraw from it, i.e. de-enrol as you cannot be enrolled at two universities at the same time.

Important notes on uploading the passport photo

Your passport photo

Without a passport photo we cannot issue you a student card. After your registration you will receive a letter with your access data to the university network. In this letter you will find information about what you need to consider when uploading your passport photo.


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