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Courses and Events

career week

These were the career days WS21/22 - Everything about practice, job and career

Through our presentations, you were able to prepare for job interviews and all questions about salary. With a workshop on business etiquette, we gave you the tools to present yourself confidently. In personal application portfolio checks with personnel officers and specialist representatives from companies, you received individual tips and tricks for your application documents at first hand.

Currently, we are already actively planning for the summer semester 2022 starting next March. New courses and registration tools will follow - check back soon.

Translated with (free version)

All courses will be held in German



job talk

Target group


4:30 - 5:30 pm

Online job application training with Schneider Electric GmbH

Topics that will be addressed are: what is important to me, behavior and common job interview questions, also online, salary expectations - justification and facts, small talk in the job interview.

techn. und bw-techn. B-Studiengänge ab Semester 3, alle Master



salary negotiations

Target group


4:00 - 6:00 pm

Online lecture incl Q&A with Recruiters of Alten GmbH

In this online format, you will receive an overview of the most important aspects relating to the topic of salary and can ask your questions in a subsequent round of discussions.

techn. und bw-techn. B-Studiengänge ab Semester 3, alle Master



compact job application training

Target group


5:00 - 6:00 pm

Online lecture incl Q&A with Recruiters of Paul Hartmann AG

What should I consider before applying?
How do I create the perfect application?
How do I prepare for interviews?
How do I decide on a company?

Gebäude-, Energie- und Umwelttechnik
Softwaretechnik und Medieninformatik
Technische Informatik  
Internationale technische BWL
Innovationsmanagement (Master)



Workshop Business Etiquette

Target group


10:00am - 5:00 pm

 From dealing with manners with Susanne Baral:

In this seminar, you will recognize how to behave appropriately in situations and gain more self-confidence on any "parquet". You thus expand your social competence and personality. Contents are: The power of the first and last impression, From greetings and salutations and the introduction rituals, The art and relevance of "small talk", What is in and what is out?

for students, young professionals

Online-Application portfolio checks (BMC)

Your application is advertising on your own behalf - and this advertising must be so good that it leads to an interview. Do your application documents already do that? You can have recruiters and HR specialists check this in a 30-minute personal application portfolio check!

You will only receive a Webex link if you book an appointment shortly before the event. You can send your documents to the company in advance. You will receive the e-mail address with the link to the Webex appointment.






9:00 -11.00 am

BMC with Schultheiß GmbH

Fakultäten WT und IT
IT Software


9:00 -11.00 am

BMC with Schultheiß GmbH

Fakultäten WT und IT
IT Software

Contact: Christine Kispert and Bärbel Götz

International Night

International Night is intended for all foreign students and those interested in the international aspects of the University.

Exchange students present their home countries. Information is available on studying and internships abroad. You can also pick up some tips about studying and working in Germany and in the Stuttgart region. You can also familiarise yourself with the various points of contact which can provide help and support during your degree programme.

There is also a varied programme of entertainment. You can

  • spin the wheel of fortune
  • send university postcards to friends and relatives abroad
  • enjoy free international culinary specialities and soft drinks!

There is no need to register, just drop by -
we will be delighted to see you!

Next International Night: Event Calendar

International Office

Soft skills courses

the PLUS factor for your university and professional life

The Student Advice Centre has teamed up with the Career Centre and the University Library to offer free soft skills courses. You may attend up to three courses on topics such as MS Office applications, methods of academic work, study techniques and time management. A certificate of participation can be issued for the course, if you wish.

Further information and a detailed list of the courses we offer can be found in the intranet.

Registration opens on Monday, 25. March 2019 . You can register using the following link:

Register here!

Apply for summer semester 2023!

Attention, the application phase only runs until 15 January.

Please note that the application deadlines for the international Master's degree programmes may differ.
Enrol directly in the open-admission degree programmes.

Apply now