Foto Marcel Voßhans

Inem - Institute for sustainable energy technology ans mobility Marcel Voßhans, B.Eng., M.Sc.



  • Technical Project Leader AMEISE
  • Team Projekt RAFT


  • Perceptional Algorithms
  • Infrastructural Integration AD
  • Roboter Operating System (ROS)
  • Sensory (LiDAR, Camera)
  • Autonomous Driving & Simulation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automotive: Functional Safety



2015- 2018

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, B. Eng. (Hochschule Hannover)

2018- 2020

Applied Computer Science: Autonomous Systems, M.Sc. (Hochschule Esslingen)




Daimler AG (Electrical Power Steering Development, SbW)


Conntinental Teves AG (Testing Rig Automation & Development)


Semester abroad in Sweden, Växjö


Summer School in China as a Tutor, Hangzhou

2015- 2017

Assistant: Center for teaching and consulting, E-Learning concepts (Hochschule Hannover)

Tutor: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Math + Physics (Hs Hannover)


  • M. Voßhans, P. Holzner, R. Wörner, T. Faul, and T. Heisig, “Fahrzeugklassifizierung mittels Stereokamerasystem unter Einsatz von Deep Learning,” in Neue Dimensionen der Mobilität, H. Proff, Ed., Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden, 2020, pp. 489–504.
  • Voßhans, Marcel, Hu, Di, Tan, Mingkun, Heisig, Tobias, Schneider, Simon, Hedderich, David, … Wörner, Ralf. (2020). Requirements for battery electric and automated passenger transport with focus on environment detection from vehicle and infrastructure perspectives. Presented at the EVS33, Zenodo.
  • Vosshans M. et al. (2021) Reliability of Conventional Infrastructure in Context of Automated Driving illustrated by the SLAM Problem. In: Bargende M., Reuss HC., Wagner A. (eds) 21. Internationales Stuttgarter Symposium. Proceedings. Springer Vieweg, Wiesbaden.

ORCID: 0000-0001-8882-3527


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