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Eberhard Karl University of Tübingen

Eberhard Karl University of Tübingen can look back on over 500 years of history and is thus one of the oldest universities in Europe. Nowadays, the excellent research and teaching at the University of Tübingen enable it to make its contribution to finding solutions for the future challenges of a globalised society. The university cultivates exchanges with partners all over the world—with other universities and also with non-university research institutions. Networking and the interdisciplinary collaboration of faculties and disciplines are the cornerstones of the university’s strategy for success. Within the HE-Personal project, researchers at Tübingen provide support with expanding the Autonomous Systems, Entrepreneurship, Interdisciplinary Collaboration of Nursing, Medicine and Technology and IT Security key research areas.

University of Tübingen

The University of Stuttgart was founded in 1829. Its vision of “Intelligent systems for a sustainable society” and its special profile with the “Stuttgart Way” stand for the systematic interdisciplinary networking of complementary specialist disciplines and the integration of the engineering sciences, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. Its outstanding position as a globally connected research university is reflected for example in the two Clusters of Excellence on “Data-integrated simulation science” and “Integrative computational design and construction for architecture”; the ARENA 2036 research campus; its participation in the “Cyber Valley” network; and also in numerous Collaborative Research Centres and PhD research groups. Within the HE-Personal project, researchers from the University of Stuttgart are collaborating in the Smart Factory Cluster on expanding the Digital Twin and Prognostic Health Management key research areas.

University of Stuttgart


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