Foreign Languages

The International Office offers language courses in 9 different languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish and German Sign Language) as well as English placement tests.

All language courses are  open and free of charge for the university's students and employees.

Language Courses are taking place during the semester as well as during the semester breaks (Intensive Courses).

Language Courses

Prerequisites for Attending Language Courses

In order to take a language course students have to preregister online via the online registration on our Intranet pages.

For advanced classes starting at level A1.2 you need to hand in a proof of your knowledge of that language (e.g. placement test).


You can find the most important information regarding language classes in our FAQ section.

Important Dates for Winter Term 2018/2019



Registration Semester Courses Tue 21.08.2018 - Fri 21.09.2018 um 12 Uhr
Start Semester Courses 1. Vorlesungswoche: Mon 01.10.2018 - Fri 05.10.2018
Exams Semester Courses letzte Vorlesungswoche: Mon 21.01.2019 - Fri 25.01.2019
Registration Intensive Courses Mon 17.12.2018 - Fri 01.02.2019 um 12:00
Intensive Courses: Mo-Fr 9:00-12:30 Uhr Mon 11.02.2019 - Fri 01.03.2019
Exams Intensive Courses Fri 01.03.2019

Current courses winter Term 2018/2019


Course Information

Course Levels

The different course levels follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): from A1 (beginner) to C2 (native speaker). In some cases courses are split in two parts, e.g. A1 is split into A1.1 and A1.2. A few courses are divided in courses 1 to 4, e.g. Chinese.

Course Description

Detailed information on course content and books used for the courses can be found on the intranet course description.

Course Books

The course books have to be bought in advance and brought to the first lesson. There are some copies of every book available in the library. You can search for them online (WebPAC).

Language App

You can use our university language app talk2me to meet German speaking or international students and to improve your language skills.

English Placement Test (OPT)

Why should i take an English Placement Test?

Every semester the international office offers English placement tests (Oxford Online Placement Test, OPT) in cooperation with the faculties. The test is important to assess students' English proficiency which is necessary in order to take classes taught in English. In addition the test is essential for all students who want to study abroad or do an internship abroad.

Additionally, the International Office offers open placement tests without prior registration throughout the semester.


In order to take the placement test students need headphones as well as their login details for the university's computers. Any other preparation for the test is not necessary.

Dates and further information

Dates for the upcoming open tests as well as further information can be found on the Intranet English Placement Test (OPT).

Placement tests for other languages

There are free online placement tests available:

Placement test French

Placement test Spanish

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