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StartES! - a good decision!

startES! is the one-semester orientation programme offered by Esslingen University of Applied Sciences to help you prepare for student life.
It offers you the opportunity to find out about a wide range of degree programmes from three fields: engineering, business and social work.

startES! gives prospective students like you space and time to find out, try out and decide which programme to apply for, so that you can make the right decision for yourself and your future at the end of the semester.

The coordinated modules help you to learn more about yourself, your abilities and what you actually want. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences will support and advise you as you explore options for your future degree programme.

From start to finish in three steps

Step 1 - Find out what opportunities are available

Introductory week with assessment, reflection and advice based on your personal expectations and aspirations.

Step 2 - Try out student life

Key skills, such as mathematics, physics, study techniques or teamwork and communication skills play an important role in making it easier to study. You will also gain a realistic insight into life as a student and attend the foundation courses for your chosen lectures.

Step 3 - Decide where your future lies

You will visit companies and find out about your future career opportunities in these fields. The programme also includes discussions with Academic Directors in which you will receive tips and suggestions about which degree programme to choose.

Facts and figures for the orientation semester at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

The orientation semester is a self-contained introductory programme with its own courses. The faculties at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences are also involved, thus enabling you to attend lectures and seminars in all cooperating degree programmes and take their examinations. These can then be taken into account when you subsequently decide to take this degree programme.

Modul Objective Credit Points
Module 1:
Planning your studies and career guidance    
Realistic assessment and reflection on your individual expectations and aspirations. Insight into participating Bachelor degree programmes and future fields of employment. 8
Module 2:
Key skills and competences to help you succeed at university
Acquire knowledge of mathematics and the natural sciences and the key skills that all students need. 8
Module 3:
Try out student life
Choose a range of courses from the participating degree programmes and try them out in real time. 14
Complete list   30

Presentation "Info event orientation semester at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences" (in German)

The programme for summer semester 2024 commences on Monday, 4 March with a kick-off week in which you will join all the other participants in taking your first steps towards planning your university studies.

You can attend courses offered by the following faculties and degree programmes:

Faculty of Science, Energy and Building Services
Faculty of Management and Technology
Faculty of Mobility and Technology
Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty of Social Work, Education and Nursing Sciences
Faculty of Mechanical and Systems Engineering

For whom is the orientation programme offered by Esslingen University of Applied Sciences intended?

The startES! orientation programme is aimed at prospective students who have not yet decided on a degree programme and would like to learn more about what studying under real conditions is really like. Innovative workshops equip you with skills you can use throughout your studies and you can get an idea of what studying involves and the subjects you enjoy by attending classes and lectures.

Apart from finding out about the subjects you can study, other important aspects are acquiring key skills that all students need and learning more about your career prospects.

Admission requirements

Applicants must have a university entry qualification or equivalent.

Further interesting aspects of the programme are that you:

  • Gain a realistic insight into different degree programmes and life as a student
  • Acquire transferable key skills
  • Obtain a concrete idea of your career opportunities
  • Get to know your own strengths, interests and what you actually want
  • Earn credits for the degree programme you subsequently decide on
  • Significantly improve your chances of success when applying for many degree programmes
  • Receive a certificate on successful completion


The startES! orientation semester is a full-time programme and takes place at the same time as the lectures and examinations at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

Free to attend

The startES! orientation semester is free to attend. All you have to pay are the administrative fee and the fee for the Student Services Organisation, which all students have to pay and which entitle you to discounts in the refectory, on public transport and further special offers for students.


A certificate at the end of the programme confirms the number of ECTS credits awarded from all three modules. Depending on the programme chosen, the ECTS credits gained from the “Try out student life” module may count towards your subsequent degree programme.

startES! is not a degree programme, but a programme which you either pass or fail. To pass overall, you must gain at least 14 ECTS (pass the examinations).

If you do not pass startES!, this will be of no consequence when you subsequently apply for and take any Bachelor degree programme. Failed attempts in individual examinations do not count as failed exams in the subsequent Bachelor programme.

The orientation programme begins with an assessment week. In the summer semester 2024 it start son Monday, 4 March.

Schedule (in German)

Admission periods

  • For the summer semester: 15 October to 01 March
  • For the winter semester: 2 May to 15 July

Admission via HEonline

Admission documents

Please upload all documents in time on the portal and submit the enrolment.

Checklist admission documents

Statutes for the orientation semester

SPO (Degree Programme and Examination Regulations)

ZIO (Admission and Enrolment Regulations)

The Orientation Semester startES! is funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts.