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Music at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

The Esslingen University would like to contribute to the de-escalation of the rapid spread of the Corona Virus, as well as protect all members of the University. For these reasons, until further notice all rehearsals and concerts will be cancelled until 19 April.

There is in-fact online rehearsal. Orchestra, choir, and bandleader Steffi Bade Bräuning will create varying rehearsal-programs for all sections.

In addition, all members of the three groups will offer their part for the initiative “musicians for Germany” by creating a contribution via the University Music for the local cultural scene, in a gesture of solidarity for those who currently are unable to sing.  

Music at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

University Orchestra

Play Classical Music!

The Esslingen University Orchestra has been in existence for 54 years. It provides music for a variety of University events. The annual matinée advent concert has become an atmospheric ritual for many University members, friends and partners.

The Association of Friends of the University has supported the Orchestra since its inception. This has ensured the continued existence and cultivation of the Orchestra at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

The Orchestra would like to invite students, teachers and friends of the University to join in. As part of the family-friendly university, the Orchestra also offers child care during rehearsals to give parents the chance to take part.


Thursdays, 17:30 - 19:30 in the Aula on the Hilltop Campus, Flandernstrasse 101 


Senior lecturer Steffi Bade-Braeuning

University Choir


Every year a new musical – that is the motivation for the singers of SING_UNI. The small but select choir premieres a tailor-made musical every year – composed by its own author – that fits the members perfectly. The members take on the solo and choral parts and also design and create the stage scenery.


Wednesdays, 19:00 - 20:30 in the Aula on the Hilltop Campus, Flandernstrasse 101, regularly during semesters


Senior lecturer Steffi Bade-Braeuning

PEP Band

University's little band

The University’s little band with the big sound has made a name for itself through its performances during the Kandelmarsch Student Parade and in the musicals staged by SING_UNI. Like the University Orchestra and SING_UNI, the band is composed of students, school students, former students and friends of the University.

We stage jazz classics, rock and pop and are looking for saxophonists and trumpeters as well as a bassist.             


Thursdays, 19:45 – 21:15 in the Aula on the Hilltop Campus, Flandernstrasse 101, regularly during semesters 


Senior lecturer Steffi Bade-Braeuning

Swinging Profs

The Professors' band

In 2009, the professors’ band "Swinging Profs" was founded at Esslingen University of Applied sciences. The quintet is composed of Prof. Dr. Rolf Martin (bass and vocals), Prof. Dr. Rolf Scherzer (2nd guitar and vocals), Wolfgang “Atze” Klawonn (1st guitar), Prof. Dr. Joachim Berkemer (trumpet) and Prof. Dr. Timm Sigg (saxophone).

The Swinging Profs present a programme of popular swing and Latin classics of the 30's t 70's as well as jazz, chansons and ballades.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Rolf Scherzer

Apply for summer semester 2022!

The application period for the summer semester 2022 starts on October 15th 2021 and runs until January 15th 2022.

Apply now
Musik an der Hochschule