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Uta Mathis

Faculty Management and Technology

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Uta Mathis

Address :

Esslingen Hilltop Campus
Room: F 02.258a
Flandernstraße 101
73732 Esslingen


Member, Equal Opportunities Committee

Mitglied der Wissenschaftskommission

Deputy Officer, Equal Opportunity


Business Process Management, Process Modeling, Process Mining, Process Performance Management, Process KPIs

ERP-Systems, Implementation of ERP-Systems (SAP), Features and Functions of Logistic Processes in ERP-Systems

special functions

Member of the Akademic Board SAP UCC DACH

consultation hours

please ask for an appointment by email


Academic Career:

  • 1990 Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieurin (Industrial Engineering, Diploma), University of Kaiserslautern (as of today: TU KL)
  • 1998 Graduation to Dr. rer. pol.: “Analysis of Organizational Parameters for the Planning and Implementation of Product Innovations based on Simultaneous Engineering”

Professional Career:

  • Since 09/2020 Member of the Academic Board SAP UCC DACH
  • 09/2014 - 02.2021    Dean of the Faculty of Management
  • 09/ 2016 – 08/ 2018 Head of the Institute of Sustainable Energy Management and Mobility
  • Since 03 /2014 International affairs for the Faculty of Management responsible person
  • 2008 – 2013 Board member of the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen
  • Since 2003: SAP-University Alliance Program for the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen Responsible person
  • Since 03/2001: Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen, Faculty of Management
  • 05/1996 – 02/2001: SAP/R3 Consultant and Project Manager at IDS Scheer AG, Saarbrücken
  • 10/1990 - 09/1995: Academic Assistant at the Professorship for Industrial Business Operations and Industrial Science, Prof. Dr. habil. K.J. Zink

Core Competencies

  • Business Process Analysis and –optimization: Reduction of Process Times,- Interfaces and –costs
  • Business Process Management, Corporate Performance Management,
  • Process Digitalization, Process Mining
  • Transregional Process Design
  • Business Models for new Technologies and Services, e.g. New Business Models for Mobility Solutions
  • Management of Introduction and Optimization of SAP Solutions


Mathis, U.: Entwurf einer Unterrichtseinheit für Process MIning in der Lehre im Kontext von Business Process Management (BPM), in: Brand, L.; Gräslund, K.; Kilian, D.; Krcmar, H.; Turowski, K.; Wittges, H. (Hrsg.): Proceedings of the SAP Academic Community Conference 2021 DACH, 13. bis 14. September 2021, TUM, [133-152] [DOI:]

Mathis, U.: Auf dem Weg zum Business Process Management, in Manager Magazin, Ausgabe Juni 2022, Manger Wissen, S. 3

more information

Responsible person for SAP solutions and curricula in teaching and research

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