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Faculty Mobility and Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schirle

Address :

Esslingen City Centre Campus
Room: S 14.204
Kanalstraße 33
73728 Esslingen


Active Suspensions, Control and System Dynamics of Chassis and Vehicle.

Simulation methods and tools.

consultation hours

Thursday 15:45 - 16:45
Please make an appointment by email in advance.


1990-1996 Studies in Mechanical Engineering at University Stuttgart. Main subjects: technical dynamics and road vehicles.

1997-2016 Design and Analysis of (active) suspension systems regarding handling, safety and ride comfort at Daimler AG, research & advanced development  department "vehicle system dynamics".

more information

Project "HS Esslingen: Driving SiMulator - Students in Motion"

Apply for summer semester 2023!

The application phase for the summer semester 2023 begins 15 October 2022 for the Master's programmes and on 24 October 2022 for the Bachelor's programmes.

Direct enrolment in our open-admission programmes from 15 October 2022.

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