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Martin Stämpfle

Faculty Mobility and Technology

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Stämpfle

Founding Director of the Central Academic Institution "Orientation and Undergraduate Studies"

Address :

Esslingen City Centre Campus
Room: S 04.309
Kanalstraße 33
73728 Esslingen

Address :

Esslingen City Centre Campus
Room: S 05.111
Kanalstraße 33
73728 Esslingen


Founding Director Orientation and Undergraduate Studies

Head of Mathematics laboratory


Mathematics, Numerical Mathematics, Simulation, Scientific Comoputing, MATLAB, Autonomous Driving

consultation hours

During semester weeks on Monday, 9-10 a.m. in room S 04.309. Please announce any appointment via email.

Apply for winter semester 2021/22!

The application period for our bachelor's degree programmes runs to 31 July 2021.
For the master's programmes, the application deadline is 15 July. Please note the different application times for our international master's programmes.

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