Our Start-ups

Successful start-ups have already been founded by graduates of the Esslingen University.


Best-Practice-Examples Are:

Baur Robotics

Baur Robotics sets new standards in autonomous robotics with innovative solutions. First and foremost, the modular gripper Rae - Robot Autonomy Effector - which transforms any robotic arm into an autonomous system. Rae receives new capabilities from a central platform and thus solves complicated handling and sorting tasks.


Buddha Code

Buddha Code is a digital music publisher with company headquarters in Esslingen. Buddha Code specializes in the production of relaxation music, guided meditations and fantasy journeys in 432 Hz vibration frequency, which creates a very calming and deeply relaxing effect.





Copaltec GmbH

Copaltec produces and distributes polyurethane casting resins for the electrical industry, primarily for power electronics, e-mobility and LED technology. Their portfolio covers everything from insulating systems, transparent and flame-retardant potting compounds to highly thermally conductive premium potting compounds.




Feschd is the first social smartphone mount for your bike, funding bikes for people in low-development countries. Bicycles drive the well-being, the environment and ultimately the economy of an entire country forward!





H-A-N produces natural cosmetics, tattooing products, various tattoo tools and permanent make-up.





MARKT-PILOT increases the sales of machine builders through unique market transparency. In 2020, Markt-Pilot won the CyberOne Award in Baden-Württemberg and was featured in an issue of the business magazine "Business Punk".


Protein Distillery

Protein Distillery produces the first vegan protein powders from German brewer's yeast residues - completely free of contaminants. The food & biotech start-up was funded with the EXIST-Gründerstipendium 2022.



RP-Engineering has been developing and producing a high-performance LED light source with intelligent light adaptation and exceptionally high light output for mobile use - even under water - since 2015. The start-up was awarded the Gründerpreis Baden-Württemberg 2017, among others.





SPORTABLE - The personal trainer for your pocket. With the help of AI, individual training plans are created and precise analyses of the training are provided. The portfolio now also includes the digitization of analog training equipment. SPORTABLE stands for a guaranteed increase in revenue for fitness studios and for a revolutionary user experience.





TALENTCUBE creates applications via smartphone as a video clip that can be sent immediately to potential employers. Talentcube is available worldwide and translated into several languages, so that every candidate can really apply in person.




With its eponymous technology Tecomon®, Tecomon GmbH stands for vendor-independent communication between people, machines and software. Their vision is to simplify processes, thereby saving time and making life more efficient.





WRS Energie

WRS Energie improves the efficiency of compressed air systems in manufacturing companies. The specially developed WRS compressed air box and suitable sensors are used to monitor the compressed air system. The recorded data is evaluated, presented in monthly monitoring reports and concrete action steps are recommended.




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