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For the economy and society

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences carries out numerous research projects with renowned partners into forward-looking topics for the economy and society. The University has prioritised four focuses of special interest – often with interdisciplinary teams from different faculties and institutes. Why? Because, alongside teaching, research is one of the primary responsibilities of any university. You can see the range of fields covered by members of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences in the research brochure which shows selected examples

Research brochure Esslingen University of Applied Sciences PDF (DE)


Dealing with intellectual property (IP), e.g. publications and patents, is not always easy – in particular where there is tension between the demands of trade secrets and requirement to publish. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences has developed a strategy for this.

IP-Strategy of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences PDF (DE)

Our Four Research Priorities

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is treated as a holistic approach, taking into account long-term and global aspects. A cross-section of topics, particularly in the fields of sustainable mobility and energy systems, is being addressed. The most important topics are sustainable energy sources, energy carriers, energy converters and storage media, as well as the concepts for mobile and stationary applications that are derived from them.

Intelligent and Efficient Production

The intelligent and efficient production of the future is characterised by versatility, resource efficiency and good ergonomics, as well as the involvement of clients, employees and business partners in business processes and the creation of value. There is still great optimisation potential in industrial and manual production processes to reduce stresses and strains on people and the environment. On the one hand, this applies to manufacturing processes themselves, e.g. to make their use of resources more efficient. On the other, it also applies directly to employees, e.g. in supporting them in their work and protecting them from impacts that damage health.

Life Sciences

With their focus on the interaction between people and the environment, life sciences cover an interesting field of research.  Thanks to the wide range of its resources, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is in a position to make a sound contribution to a number of questions. This not only applies to classical disciplines such as biotechnology/biological sciences but also medical technology and its surroundings or the field of technology in health care settings.

Changing Society

As a research priority, our changing society focuses on questions to do with social, cultural and technical change. The aim is to carry out empirically-grounded analyses, and to develop, test and evaluate forward-looking and sustainable concepts, models and products. This research focus unifies not only social-scientific and technological aspects, but also educational processes in an ever-changing society. Such questions are addressed within the individual disciplines of social, health, nursing, engineering and natural sciences, but also in transdisciplinary teams.

Apply for winter semester 2022/23!

For the summer semester 2022, direct enrolment for some open-admission degree programmes is still possible until 21 February.
Applications for the winter semester will be accepted from 15 April 2021 on.
Please note the different application times for our international Master's programmes.

More information
Walter Theodor Czarnetzki
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Walter Theodor Czarnetzki