As an NWT teacher, you will educate pupils in the field of science and technology.

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)NwT Teacher programme

Do you love science and technology? Do you want to pass on your enthusiasm to others? The Bachelor of Education NWT Secondary and Vocational Education teaches you the fundamental understanding of the interrelationships of the various scientific sub-disciplines. No matter whether it's technology in everyday life or special areas of application, this degree programme gives you an all-round view.

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Content Information

Alongside NWT, you will need another main subject optionally in biology, chemistry, geography or physics. In addition, you will learn what you need for your teaching career in the subject of educational science.

The module catalogue can be found on the University of Tübingen website.

Career Perspectives


The NWT programme prepares you to work as an NWT teacher at grammar schools. An NWT Master’s degree is required for admission to the traineeship. During your studies, you can find out whether the profession meets with your expectations and wishes during the twelve-week school internship semester.

Your career opportunities

  • NWT teacher at grammar schools

In industry, for example:

  • Start-ups
  • Energy supply companies
  • Environmental protection organisations
  • In PR work
  • In industry and trade
An NWT teacher stands at a desk with his students and looks at a tablet.



The requirement for admission to the subject NWT is a previous or concurrent study of the subjects biology, chemistry, geography or physics.

Prospective students apply for the programme through the University of Tübingen. For Esslingen University of Applied Sciences you must make an application as a side student.

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    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I have to enrol at Tübingen University and Esslingen University of Applied Sciences?

    You must enrol at Tübingen University. You must also complete and submit an application for visiting student status to Esslingen.


    How do I apply for visiting student status?

    You must complete the one-time Application for visiting student status. You can do this at the end of your first semester at the University of Tübingen. Send the documents together with a copy of your ID card (front and back) by 15 May (summer semester) or 15 November (winter semester) at the latest to the following address:

    Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
    S52 00
    Student Services and Degree Programme Management Department
    Kanalstr. 33
    73728 Esslingen

    You will then receive your login details by post.

    Do I also have to submit an application for the University of Applied Forest Sciences Rottenburg?

    No, you do not have to submit a further application for Rottenburg.



    For whom is the study programme suitable?

    Do you find scientific and technical topics totally exciting and follow current reports? You like to tinker around and want to know how technology works? You are curious, observe closely and like to experiment? Challenging situations don’t scare you, but make you want to discover things? Do you also enjoy working in a team and teaching others? Then apply for the NWT Secondary and Vocational Education programme!

    NWT students at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences work on building a model.

    What distinguishes usGood reasons for studying at Esslingen University

    One course, three universities

    NWT Secondary and Vocational Education is a cooperation between Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, the University of Tübingen andRottenburg University.

    Small groups

    Group sizes of 20 to 30 students offer you a direct exchange with the teaching staff.


    Your studies will be practice-oriented and you will benefit from practical laboratory exercises and a close network with industry.

    Individual focuses

    In addition to the basic studies, you have the opportunity to specialise in individual areas.

    The short-path campus

    You can reach all lectures by foot in a few minutes. Even the train station is only five minutes away.

    Student life

    It certainly won't be boring: University music, sports, cafés and events provide some extracurricular variety.


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