Ways to Support the University

Become part of the innovative and creative environment of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. We offer a variety of ways to support the University, to actively shape the daily life of the University and to work together with academic staff and students.

General information on funding opportunities

Take on Responsibility!

On the initiative of the Association of Friends of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences e.V., the Educational Foundation of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences was founded on 26th July, 2017. 

The trust foundation encourages science, research, training and education as well as offering help for students.

In accordance with its objectives, the Educational Foundation works in the following areas of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences:

  • financial support for structures and tasks, for example, individual endowed professorships or institutions,
  • support for outstanding projects, for instance, in research or innovative teaching,
  • awards of research grants to international guest researchers or students,
  • honouring of special achievements in research, teaching or studying by university members by means of awards or prizes,
  • fundraising of donations, endowments and new trust foundations and endowment funds.

Become a Member of the Educational Foundation!

Support education and research at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences by a donation, endowment, endowment fund or a bequest.

Educational Foundation Board

Chair of the Board
Honorary Senator Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Dietmar Ness

University President
Prof. Dr. Christian Maercker

City of Esslingen am Neckar
Finance Mayor Ingo Rust

City of Goeppingen
Mayor Guido Till

Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nuertingen
Member of the Board Dipl.-Betriebswirt Bernd Haussels

Esslingen University of Applied Science Educational Foundation

Support the University in its Educational Responsibilities!

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is increasingly involved in acquiring new sources of income through fundraising to supplement limited public finances. Through fundraising, the following projects – among others – were able to be financed:

  • 100-year jubilee of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences in 2014
  • Founding of the Educational Foundation in 2017
  • Sponsoring of space
  • Sub-projects in faculties
  • Acquisition of advertising
  • Student activities

Your Advantages

  • Image enhancement
  • Direct contact to research and science
  • Collaboration with students
  • Social engagement
  • Increase in the prominence of your brand

Support Esslingen University of Applied Sciences in its educational responsibilities by donations of money or resources, services, sponsoring or granting endowments.

Code of Conduct for Fundraising acitivities (in German)

Invest in the best!

Is your company interested in meeting the best students from the most relevant faculties? The Deutschlandstipendium gives you a chance to do so.  

Currently, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is looking for company sponsors to support outstanding and committed students by means of the Deutschlandstipendium for 2020/21. The Deutschlandstipendium honours the achievements of its recipients by supporting them financially with 150 euros per month from the company sponsor and a further 150 euros from the government.

Why not participate!
You can sponsor our most promising future graduates with 1,800 € per year

As well as financial support, you can offer non-material benefits, such as practical placements/internships or company tours to stimulate interest in your company. Moreover, you will consolidate your position in the regional network – with the University and award holders. Your company also receives special status from the Career Centre (placement of company contacts, prior reservations for our company contact fair, etc.).

In the selection of award holders, you can make your wishes known to the faculty and take on an advisory role in the University’s selection procedures towards the end of September. At the same time, we find out about candidates’ areas of special interest, so as to achieve as close a fit as possible between the company and the award holder.

Your Advantages

  • Tax benefits
  • A sponsor’s seal that you can use in marketing your company
  • Placement of your logo in University publications (posters, brochures, etc.)
  • Presentation of your company at an official ceremony with students

Further Information:

Information for sponsors PDF

Sample sponsoring agreement PDF

Sponsorship rules of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences PDF

Christine Kispert
Career Centre
Tel. +49 (0) 711 397-3193


SPONSORS 2019/2020


Become a member of the Association of Friends

The Association of Friends of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences e. V. is in constant contact with industry and commerce and Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, and supports teaching and studying in a variety of ways through

  • donations of money and equipment to provide laboratories with the most recent apparatus,
  • provision of part-time lecturers from industry,
  • provision of practical placements/internships in Germany and abroad,
  • financial support to develop new degree courses.

Indispensable Sponsors

The University relies on the financial support and responsible engagement of the Association of Friends. 

Current Association of Friends projects:

  • Café Einstein - engagement by students
  • Rennstall Esslingen – new developments in vehicle mobility
  • drinking water storage containers made of new synthetic materials – cheap and environmentally-friendly solutions

Become a member of the Association of Friends and support students’ education.

Find out more about projects, current dates and the Association’s history.

Association of Friends

Andrea Heß
Association of Friends of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
c/o Hochschule Esslingen, Kanalstrasse 33, 73728 Esslingen


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