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Industry Day

Industry Day 2020

Are you looking for engineers or managers?

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences organizes an Industry Day in which over 100 national companies present their career opportunities!

Industry Day gives companies the chance to get into contact with students from engineering and management.

Esslingen University would like to contribute to the de-escalation of the rapid spread of the Corona Virus, as well as protect all guests and members of the University. For these reasons, Industry Day on 13 May was cancelled.

  • Companies can present themselves at a stand and exchange ideas with students.
  • Moreover, companies can offer opportunities to undertake a practical placement, write a thesis, or enter a chosen profession.

Is you company interested in a presentation stand?

You are welcome to contact us!

Verena Bosler
Tel. +49 (0) 711 397-3351

Industry Fair

Industry Fair 2020

Are you looking for engineers?

Get to know your future engineers from the fields of automation engineering, mechatronics, electrical engineering and engineering management at the Industry Fair 2020 on the Goeppingen Campus of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

Present yourself as an attractive employer to our round 1,200 future engineers.

Next date: Thursday, 22th October, 2020, 10:30 – 14:00 at the University’s  Goeppingen Campus.

Organisation Office for the Industry Fair:
on behalf of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences - Goeppingen Campus

Tinoversum GmbH
Constantin Fetzer
Tel. +49 (0) 7161 15880-24

IT-Company Day

IT-Company Day 2019

Are you looking for IT experts?

Every year, at the IT-Company Day, small and medium-sized IT companies are invited to Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. They present themselves at the Faculty of Information Technology on the hilltop campus, Flandernstrasse. 

The next IT-Company Day:

Wednesday, 25th November, 2020, 11:00-15:00, at the Hilltop Campus, Flandernstrasse.

Firms have the following possibilities:

  • You can present your company at a stand and provide information about your company portfolio.
  • Furthermore, you can offer students practical placements/internships and topics for theses as well as opportunities to enter their chosen profession.
  • Alongside the stands, there are also company talks on current IT topics.

Jan Kohlmeyer
Wirtschaftsförderung der Region Stuttgart GmbH
Telefon + 49 (0)711 22 835-47, E-Mail

The IT-Company Day is organized by the Business Development Agency for the Stuttgart Region GmbH in collaboration with the Boeblingen-Sindelfingen Software Centre e.V. and the Faculty of Information Technology at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

Student Meets Company

Student Meets Company 2021

Are you looking for engineers, managers or social workers?

Student meets company is a small, but effective company contact fair at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences on the city centre campus in Esslingen.

The fair gives companies an exclusive opportunity to meet students and get into contact with them.

The next date in 2021 will be released in due time.

For further information, please contact the University’s Career Centre.

Bärbel Götz
Tel. +49 (0) 711 397-3185

Christine Kispert
Tel. +49 (0) 711 397-3193

We look forward to hearing from you!


Position your Brand with us!

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences offers you the chance to position your brand and your company values.

With ad placements and promotion, you can reach the following target groups at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences:

  • students in general and in specific faculties
  • academic and support staff
  • graduates
  • interested parties from Esslingen and Goeppingen on the respective campuses.

Use the opportunity to establish your brand identity among the above target groups and to transmit your brand’s message. We offer you a platform for direct and indirect recruitment.

You can position yourself at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences in the following ways:


Present your Company

Present your Company!

As a company, would you like to get into direct contact with students?

At workshops, application folder checks, talks or excursions, you can get directly in touch with students on campus or on your own premises.

If interested, please contact us!

Bärbel Götz
Career Center
Tel. +49 (0) 711 397-3185

Christine Kispert
Tel. +49 (0) 711 397-3193

Promotion Stands on Campus

Promotion Stands on Campus

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences lets advertising space on all its campuses.

What spaces can be rented for advertising?

Rental space is available on the city centre and hilltop campuses in the respective foyer in front of the aula. There are also spaces to rent on the city centre campus next to building 1. In Goeppingen, the inner courtyard of building 4 can be used. The lessor is Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

Further spaces can be rented directly in front of the cafeterias (Mensa) on the city centre and hilltop campuses via the  Stuttgart Students Union .

Which faculties are located on the different campuses?

Faculties on the city centre campus: Natural Sciences, Automotive Engineering, Basic Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Building Services-Energy-Environment
Number of students: around 2,300

Faculties on the hilltop campus, Flandernstrasse: Management, Information Technology, Graduate School, Social Work, Health Care and Nursing Science
Number of students: around 2,600

Faculties on the Goeppingen Campus: Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management
Number of students: around 1,200

How much does advertising space cost?

Rental costs for a stand are 150 euros per day. Members of the Association of Friends of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences e.V. pay a reduced price of 75 euros per day. The prices apply to advertising space belonging to the University as well as the areas in front of the cafeterias.  

What types of offer are allowed?

The ads must have something to do with the students directly. Stands with the following are not allowed:

  • offers to do with sales closures
  • financial services by banks or other
  • gambling or draws
  • material from political associations or organisations
  • ads for alcohol or tobacco

Info stands by members of the University (students, faculties or institutes) are free of charge.

How to rent advertising space

  • First, check in the University Calendar to make sure that the students are at the University for the required dates. Some dates may lie within holidays or the examination period.   
  • Interested parties should send in their filled-in and signed application to use University premises.The application must arrive at least four weeks before the planned advertising period begins.  
  • After the application has been checked, the applicant will receive a rental agreement which must be signed and returned to the e-mail address below at least two weeks before the planned advertising period begins.
  • Finally, the applicant receives the countersigned rental agreement together with a bill which has to be paid at least five days in advance.

Andrea Heß
Tel. +49 (0) 711 397-30 03

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Application period for programmes starting in the summer semester 2021
Bachelor’s programmes: 1 December 2020 to 15 january 2021
Master’s programmes (German): 15 October 2020 to 15 January 2021
Applicants to our international programmes should please see the Graduate School website for deadlines

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