Mechatronics (part-time) (M. Eng.)

General information

The future in your sights

Have you set your sights on becoming a specialist engineer and manager who is actively involved in designing our technological future and throwing the switch for Industry 4.0?
If you have, then mechatronics will help you achieve your goal.
Mechatronics combines mechanical (precision) engineering, electronics and IT, and is thus the key technology for a whole host of products which we all use in our everyday life. You only have to think of robotics, sensor or automotive technology – things which used to be purely mechanical are now nearly always supplemented by complex electro-technical elements, in combination with computer and information systems. Together they form a holistic mechatronics system – the interdisciplinary field of activity of a mechatronics engineer.

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences offers a part-time Master's degree in mechatronics in cooperation with the Technische Akademie Esslingen.

It normally takes five semesters to complete, including the Master thesis and colloquium. First come four semesters of theory, when you attend foundation lectures and specialist lectures which address topical issues. Practical work in the laboratories at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences complements this theoretical training. You also put what you have learned into practice as you tackle mechatronics projects. In the fourth semester, you can choose to specialise in automotive engineering, automation systems or sensor technology. This is followed in the fifth semester by your final piece of work, your Master thesis, which you can complete either at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences or in an industrial company.

The Master programme in mechatronics is designed as a part-time programme which you can combine with your professional work. It includes some courses with mandatory attendance which take place on Friday afternoon from 14.00 -17.15 and all day Saturday from 09.00 -17.00.

Facts and Figures - at a glance

Degree awardedMaster of Engineering (M.Eng.)
FacultyMechanical and Systems Engineering
CampusGoeppingen Campus
Number of semesters5
Language of instructionGerman
Information on admission requirements

Programme start: September

Mandatory attendance: Friday afternoon and Saturday

Location: Ostfildern near Stuttgart and sometimes at Esslingen University (Göppingen campus)

Fees: €3,750 per semester (coursework materials such as books and lecture notes are provided)

Classes with mandatory attendance: There are approx. 10 days of classes which it is mandatory to attend (usually Friday afternoon and all day Saturday) and two blocks of courses from Thursday to Saturday every semester. These mandatory classes are held either at the Technische Akademie Esslingen or on the campus in Göppingen.

Application and Admission

  • University degree (Bachelor or Diplom) in an engineering science or a natural science (e.g. electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, information technology or a related degree programme) with a final grade of 2.5 or better
  • relevant professional experience gained after obtaining your degree in accordance with Section 3, usually of at least one year’s duration.
  • while studying for your first university degree you must have gained at least 180 ECTS Credits from theoretical courses. Up to 30 Credits can be granted in addition to the above-mentioned year of relevant practical experience if you have at least one further year of relevant professional experience.
  • necessary language proficiency in German and English

The admissions procedure is managed by the Technische Akademie Esslingen, An der Akademie 5, 73760 Ostfildern.

The curriculum for the degree programme and detailed descriptions of the programme modules are contained in the Module Catalogue.

Modulhandbuch Mechatronik (M.Eng.) berufsbegleitend

Degree Programme and Examination Regulations (SPO, in German)

Career prospects

Bright prospects for your career and your future

Improve your career prospects with a certified university degree: Manage interdisciplinary development projects or take on demanding tasks in research and development. With a Master's degree, you can also become a development manager or assume overall technical responsibility in a company.

A career in technical sales or product management is a further possibility thanks to your solid technical training. A Master's degree can open the door to management positions in industry or in the public sector. Moreover, with a Master’s degree you can also do a doctorate at a university and thus obtain a further academic qualification.

The degree programme equips students with the following specialist, social and methodological skills:

  • sound knowledge of the modelling and simulation of mechatronic systems
  • ability to understand and apply the latest methods of developing mechatronic products to the current state of the art
  • ability to compute and dimension mechatronic products and components
  • ability to undertake scientifically sound planning, to design and develop complex mechatronic products paying due consideration to all domains incl. software
  • ability to develop, realise and simulate control and automation concepts for mechatronic systems
  • ability to analyse, formulate, process and solve complex tasks, including those which are not fully defined, in the field of mechatronics paying due regard to technical, scientific, social, ethical, ecological and economic aspects and legal stipulations 
  • ability to independently acquire new knowledge and skills
  • ability to successfully apply and further develop the methods learned to formulate and solve complex tasks which present themselves in industrial research, development and production or in research facilities
  • ability to manage a team and to plan, organise, document your own work and the work of an interdisciplinary team and present and advocate it both in public and in front of an audience of experts.

Graduates of this degree programme will be qualified to work in the following fields:

  • automotive industry
  • biotechnology industry
  • automation engineering
  • machine tools
  • environmental and agricultural engineering
  • scientific institutes, research and training institutions
  • public sector e.g. monitoring and environment agencies
  • planning and construction of mechatronic products.

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