Engineering Education Mechanical Engineering - Automation Engineering (B.Sc.)

General Information

Learn to develop potentials

Mechanical engineering is a classical engineering discipline and thus one of the key technologies of our modern industrial society.

You also can play your part in developing new consumer goods. The programme offers a broad range of training opportunities and thus prepares you for the challenges of life-long learning. You will acquire theoretical knowledge in small study groups and do lots of laboratory, project and group work to link this theory with practical experience. As an engineer, you will have no difficulty passing on the knowledge you have acquired yourself and presenting theoretical knowledge so it can be understood on the practical level: modules on the theory of education in professional training prepare you for your first practical placements at vocational colleges.

Continuing education after the bachelor

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Education not only provides you with the basis for launching your career in classical engineering but also offers a broad spectrum of career opportunities in advanced and further training.

Your Bachelor’s degree entitles you to continue your studies with a Master programme in engineering or education theory. Would you like to be involved in the development of goods and production processes? Or do you see yourself more as a teacher, who stimulates and supervises the learning processes? You can pursue either of these career paths with the Bachelor of Engineering Education: Mechanical Engineering - Automation Engineering.

Would you like to pass on your passion for engineering? Further information on training to teach at vocational colleges can be found at #LIEBERLEHRAMT.

Degree programme leaflet

Engineering Education Mechanical Engineering -Automation Engineering MAP (B.Sc.)

Facts and Figures - at a glance

Degree awardedBachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
FacultyMechanical and Systems Engineering
Number of semesters7
Language of instructionGerman/English

For the summer semester: from 24 October to 15 January

For the winter semester: from AprAprAprApr 2525 to JulJulJulJul 1515

Information on admission requirements

To be admitted to the degree programme in Engineering Education, applicants must provide proof they have successfully completed 12 weeks of pre-degree practical experience.
Current: No pre-study internship is required for the start of studies in the summer semester 2023.


Programme components

Academic subject: Mechanical Engineering (~85 %)
Specialisation: Development and Production
Teacher training: Foundations of the theory of education in professional training (~15%)

Application and Admission

The curriculum for the degree programme and detailed descriptions of the programme modules are contained in the Module Catalogue.

Module Catalogue Engineering Education Mechanical Engineering - Automation Engineering (B.Sc.) (German Version)

Wide ranging and multifaceted

Having gained their degree, mechanical engineers will be able to work at the interface of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and management. As an engineering teacher you have learned the basic fundamentals of engineering, which prepares you for the challenges of life-long learning in industry and educational or training institutions.
You can launch your career as an engineering specialist in a wide variety of fields, or opt to do further training to become a teacher of academic subjects with higher grade civil servant status, whereby you will qualify to teach two subjects: production engineering (FT) and energy and automation systems (ENAT).

Graduates can work in many fields, including:

  • development and optimisation of products and machines using computer-aided tools
  • further development of production methods
  • use of computers in manufacturing (CAD/CAM, CAQ, simulation)
  • product management, application-oriented technical consultancy work, technical sales, quality assurance.

Education and training

  • Embark on a managerial career in occupational training and personnel management
  • Continue your studies with a Master programme in the theory of education before starting your probationary teacher training for vocational colleges as a higher grade civil servant

As a teacher of academic subjects with higher grade civil servant status.

Ground breaking, convincing and in touch with reality

Esslingen is one of the five universities of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg to offer this unique opportunity to study for a multifaceted Bachelor in Engineering Education: the programme paves the way for you to become an engineer, while offering you the opportunity to pursue a career as a teacher of academic subjects as well.

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is located at the heart of the high-powered Stuttgart economic hub and its mechanical engineering students enjoy outstanding career prospects on graduation. In addition, the collaborations it has established with the University of Tübingen and Ludwigsburg University of Education ensure the advanced and further training is also high quality and practice based.

Further information on this unique degree programme can be found on our Engineering Education webpages.


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