Laboratory Automation, Robotics and Drive Systems (LAR)

The Automation, Robotics and Drive Systems Laboratory covers the following topics within the Faculty of Mechanical and Systems Engineering:

  • Robotics and automation
  • Laser systems
  • Open-loop / closed-loop control systems
  • Measurement, sensor and drive systems
  • Electronics / Electrical Engineering

Robotics and automation

  • Several Kuka robots (KR 15, KR 16,..) incl. image processing
  • Scara robot (Motoman NX10)
  • Several tripod robots (Flexpicker, in-house development) with Beckhoff TwinCat control
  • Several Youbot robots from Kuka with Beckhoff TwinCat control
  • UAVs (Ascending Technologies and Teststand)
  • Simulation software for workcells (Virtuos/ ISG, Kuka-SIM,...)

Sheet metal working with lasers

  • TruLaserCel 3000 laser machine (Trumpf)
  • TruMarkLaser marking system (Trumpf)
  • TruBend 7036 bending press (Trumpf, CNC controlled)
  • Complete programming and simulation software for the above TruTops (Trumpf) machine

 Open-loop control systems

  • SPC workstations (Siemens S7, networked)
  • NC programming stations (conventional, graphic supported, CAD/CAM)
  • 3D milling machine, 2D lathe with variable C-axis

Closed-loop control engineering

  • Linear axis with converter and dSpace system for Rapid Control Prototyping
  • dSpace systems for RPC and HIL setups

Measurement, sensor and drive systems

  • Zeiss coordinate measuring machine
  • Manual scan coordinate measuring machine (Scanmax/Zeiss)
  • Drive systems: linear drive, synchronous/asynchronous motors with drive amplifiers
  • Optical sensor systems, optical sensor system for seam tracking, light section sensors
  • Image processing systems


  • Modular digital electronics
  • Digitally programmable DACs
  • Operational amplifier circuits
  • Oscilloscopes, signal generators, multimeters, programming systems  


Laboratory exercises and projects are offered to accompany or supplement the lectures on automation systems, sheet metal working, control systems, measurement, sensor and drive systems, as well as digital and analog electronics:

Automation Systems Laboratory

  • Programming and setting up of Kuka robots
  • Programming of an assembly cell incl. conveyor belt (coupling Scara robot with  
  • conveyor belt)
  • Virtual commissioning of installations with ISG-Virtuos (setting, position control and pilot control)
  • PLC-open based control of a 5-axis robot

 Sheet Metal Processing with Lasers Laboratory

  • Laser cutting
  • Laser marking
  • Process chain sheet metal design (CAD simulation, laser cutting, bending, laser marking)

Open-Loop Control Systems Laboratory

  • SPC programming Siemens S7 (KOP, FUP, S7-Graf, SCL)
  • NC programming (660025, PAL, graphics based, CAD/CAM chain 2 1/2-D)

Closed-Loop Control Systems Laboratory

  • 3D pendulum test stand: stabilisation of a 3D pendulum with the aid of the status control (RMM)
  • Linear axis with dSpace: comparison of different control modes
  • Rotary axes with dSpace: systems analysis, design and dimensioning of closed-loop control circuits

Measurement, Sensor and Drive Systems Laboratory

  • Introduction to measurement methods and execution of various measuring tasks in   
  • geometry and process metrology.
  • Laboratory exercises for drive systems with linear, synchronous and asynchronous drives
  • Optical measurement methods and image processing

Electronics Laboratory

  • Construction, operation of digital circuits
  • Construction, operation of operational amplifier circuits
  • Construction, operation of A/D and D/A converters

The Automation, Robotics and Drive Systems Laboratory collaborates closely with the industry in Baden-Württemberg.

Professors from the LAR and VAL (Virtual Automation Lab) are involved in various current research and knowledge transfer activities, including:

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Edge Cloud Computing (see link to VAL)
  • Digital twin, Smart Factory data and simulation (see link to VAL)
  • Indoor open-loop and closed-loop control of autonomous UAVs (see link to VAL)

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