Simulation in Mechanical and Systems Engineering

bwHPC-S5 (and its predecessor bwHPC-C5 in the period 2013 - 2018) form the bridge between the users of scientific computers at the universities and universities of applied sciences and the HPC systems in Baden-Württemberg.

The project allows participants to use the HPC resources provided for engineering problems as part of CAE (i.e. numerical structural mechanics or numerical fluid mechanics)

The project is run in cooperation with the Faculty of Information Technology. IT project page.

Further information can be found on the project page: bwHPC-S5

You can use this form to apply for a username for the bwHPC computer cluster:

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Antrag Benutzerkennung

Project manager
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Keller (IT)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stauch (MB)

Alexandru Saramet, M.Eng.


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