Faculty Council of the Faculty of Mechanical and Systems Engineering

The Faculty Council is responsible for all teaching-related issues. Its tasks include making decisions on new degree programme and examination regulations, the appointment of the Academic Affairs Committee, the Examination Board and the laboratory managers and it also decides on professorial appointment proposals, for example. The Faculty Council elects the Dean, the Associate Dean and the Academic Director. It makes decisions on the setting up, changes to and the closing of faculty facilities (e.g. laboratories). The Faculty Council must moreover agree to the structure and development plans of the faculty.

It comprises all faculty professors (including those co-opted from other faculties), 3 members of staff and 6 students.

List of professors Chairperson


Coopted professors

Members off staff

Students (legislative period 2021/22)

Magerle, Sascha

Stürenberg, Hauke

Schleehauf, Jan

Wiese, Lukas

Cakar, Sinan

Jänchen, Aksel




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