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German: A Compulsory Part of your Studies

Students do not receive credits for German but they have to demonstrate German language skills of at least Level A2 for admission to the third term (master's thesis). This is a formal requirement: if they do not have this qualification by the end of the second semester, students are expelled from their graduate program.

To achieve this level, students must have completed CEFr Level A1 before arrival in September. The Graduate School offers German courses starting at Level A2, but not beginners' courses.

Speaking German is very important for students not only to manage everyday life, but also to apply for a placement in industry in the third semester. Most companies require fluent or at least intermediate knowledge in German: finding a position in Germany after graduation is nearly impossible without a good command of the language.

Applicants who include a certificate demonstrating at least level A1 German may be given preferential treatment.

Intensive German Language Classes in September

At the beginning of September, students take a placement test to determine their proficiency in German, and are then divided into classes ranging from Level A2 to B1.

Students whose German knowledge is Level B2 or above may participate in the culture lectures and excursions, but usually no German classes are offered at this level.

Weekly German Language Classes: October to December

Starting in October, German classes continue once a week until the end of December. In order to continue to the third semester, students must have Level A2 German or above. If they do not have this qualification, students must take an external test at a licensed language school. The cost of this test is carried by the student.

For entry to the third semester, the minimum certificate required is either:

  • A certificate from the Graduate School certifying Level A2 or higher,
  • telc Deutsch A2 / Start Deutsch 2 (telc GmbH)

The Graduate School German classes are conducted within the guidelines set out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

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Applications open November 2nd 2021

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