Stuttgart is not only the industrial but also the cultural centre of Baden-Württemberg. It is especially known for its museums and its ballett:


Mercedes Museum

Porsche Museum

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart


Stuttgart National Theater

Stuttgart National Opera

Stuttgart Ballett

Mineral baths and saunas:

Merkelsches Bad, Esslingen

Quadrium, Wernau


Wine culture:

Kessler Sekt


Ship rides on the Neckar river

Amusement parks:


Legoland, Günzburg


Wilhelma, the zoological and botanical garden in Stuttgart

Wildpark Pforzheim, a lovely park in the woods with a high-rope climbing course and an animal park.

Southern Germany is getting progressively international. However, the regional cooking is still existent in many areas. Typical of this are the following:

Maultaschen - small Swabian ravioli

Spätzle - hand-made noodles

Pretzels - looped bun

Apfelschorle - it is typical of this area to drink an apple spritzer - a mixture of apple juice and mineral water - with meals.

There are many hiking trails throughout the Black Forest, through the Swabian alb and to the German alps. There are also different hiking or driving routes that take you through an area showing you different themes: clock routes or wine routes etc. Here are a few web sites to give you an impression:

The Württemberg Wine Way: a road leading through 511 kilometers of wine-growing land.

The Black Forest Clock Way

The Swabian Alb.

The Black Forest.

High-rope climbing:

Waldklettergarten Stuttgart

This is unusual. Generally, visas are given out only to the student, and not also for the family.

The climate here is generally considered to be mild, reaching about 35 degrees Celcius in summer (although it is usually about 25), and can go down to -10 degrees in the winter (although it is usually between 0 and -5 degrees).

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