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Greetings from Director of the Central Academic Institution "International Centre and Graduate School"

Dear Graduate School Alumni,

Our alumni network is here to ensure a lasting dialogue between the Graduate School and you. We would like to keep you informed of key developments and changes in the Graduate School, and in return to hear of your progression through life. This exchange is at the heart of our active alumni relations.

For you, keeping in touch with your alma mater will help you to better understand the pioneering work we are involved in, to feel pride in the work we do and to see how you, as alumni, can bring yourself in to the Graduate School after graduation. Through their impulses that help us develop, through alumni guest lecturers, alumni country ambassadors, or alumni offering current graduates advice or career perspectives, our alumni are a very welcome and active part of the Graduate School today.

Our dialogue with you began with your enrollment in our faculty, and we are working to ensure that it continues well after graduation. The contacts you made here in Esslingen: to your fellow students, to your professors and lecturers should not end with your studies; these should carry on as a part of your life's structure. This network should be the starting-point for a communication and personal development that last your entire life.

We in the Graduate School follow your career with great interest: if you have suggestions for the Graduate School, if there is a new development in your life, please let us know by posting it in our Alumni Network on Xing. We wish you great good fortune and success in your life, and hope to hear from you!

Yours truly,
Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zürn
Director of the Central Academic Institution "International Centre and Graduate School"

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Applications open November 2nd 2021