J. D. Rudolf Panjaitan from Indonesia

MBA 2019

In Jakarta, Indonesia, 7 April

"In the middle of 2019 German Federal Government launch new innitiative in support of innovation and industry integration. As such several new institutes were founded before the end of 2019. Right then i was starting my professional engagement with one of the newly founded institute situated in Ulm.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world an outbreak started. Little did i know then that it would create uprecedented outcome throughout the world. A Pandemic.

Fast forward 6 months, social distancing, self-quarantine and other counteractive measures was taken by governments accross the globe. Indonesia Ministry of foreign affairs demanded its citizen to return from overseas especially from countries affected seriously by the notorious COVID-19 as one of such counter active measures mentioned above. Germany was one of them.

I was so confident that my family can come to Germany in June 2020 because i had completed all the necessary family reunification visa in February. Soon after i receive a letter of work termination from my employer and accept the fact of future uncertainties. I have to accept the things i can not change in my life. I believe it is for the best. One can plan and weave intricate details but in the end GOD decide."

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