Ran Lang from China

MBA 2021

In China, 3 April

"I have never imagined that the situation become so serious in Europe when I came back to China in middle of February. When I finished the 14 days’ self-quarantine in China, the corona virus become wide spreading in Europe. With the infected people increased dramatically, more and more flights to Europe being cancelled and European countries shut down the boarders and decide to close schools.

On the other side, in mainland China, with the mutual endeavor of Chinese Government and people, the situation becoming better and better. I feel safe here at home. The only problem I am concerning about is the courses in university. Fortunately, university keeps working on ensuring we won’t miss classes. Currently we are studying regularly on-line, it is a kind of new experience, we meet on air and everything goes smoothly on.

Currently the spring is coming and flowers are blooming, winter will definitely ends and I believe we will defeat the disease finally and I wish to see everyone in person in Esslingen again!"

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