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Prof. Dr. Robert Straw from the U.S.A.

"Founding Father" of the Esslingen Graduate School

In Switzerland, 7 April

"Now entering our 4th week of WFH, teams and individuals start to get a bit frazzled. It's tough having partners around all day, not to mention home-schooling, something most parents have never really done before. Balancing family, new work challenges is only part of this. Physical challenges are limited mobility, and psychological challenges stress us. The two are indefinitely intertwined.  

Already on day one of WFH, I implemented a Wellbeing Call with all of my staff to start every day. During this call, I am interested in knowing and sharing two main things: Are you physically safe? Are you mentally safe? HOW ARE YOU doing, coping, managing, etc. These calls are the most important call I have with my team every day. Business topics come later, but first things first. In addition, I get a feel for how people are doing with their personal and professsional stress levels and often I set up "Coffee Chats" with team members in the afternoon. And just like we would face-2-face, we have a coffee and talk about the weather, kids, family, shopping, stuff.... and purposefully leave work for other discussion rounds. The work of a leader is primarily to take care of the physical and psychological safety of their team - and then get the work done.

Greetings from far up in the Swiss Alps."

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