Pattreeya Tanisaro from Thailand

MSc IA 2001

In Thailand, 5 April

"Since the outbreak, it becomes my behavior to monitor the statistics of the disease after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night. Days by days, I am getting more and more anxious about the crisis. We, humans, need social interaction. I read that because of social distancing people become more stressful and aggressive and finally resort to violence!! Quite scary!

For me, I miss going out during the springtime, the best time of the year. I miss it so badly. I miss seeing daffodils bloom this year, nonetheless I want to survive to see them bloom next year! Therefore, I take the self isolation seriously.

For the past several weeks I've watched loads of TV series, studied Chinese and learned several new recipes from Youtube, Japanese's green tea chiffon cake and Korean kimchi! I usually buy kimchi that sold in the Asia shop. From here on, I don't need to buy it anymore because my cooking is more tasty! Furthermore, I have bought many books but usually have an excuse for having no time to read them up until now, so it's the time! Studies say reading can reduce stress, stimulate the brain and can cure loneliness!

And you, what do you do during self-quarantine?"

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