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Óscar Fernando Grisales Arredondo from Colombia

MBA 2021

In Esslingen, 2 April

"As an international student, I am not only being challenged by the situation in Germany but also by the situation in my country, where most of my family and friends live ,and that puts an extra mental burden. However, being away from my loves ones for more than 6 months now, I am already used to interact to people I care only with the help of technology, and that has helped me a lot. Also, I am trying to do all that I usually do, like exercising and expending time with friends, but all inside my room with the help of technology.

The situation with the studies is also challenging since it was not expected, but I have come to terms with the idea that this situation is out of our control so what we can do is put our best efforts to make it easier to everyone and to accomplish our personal and profesional goals.

I hope that we can go back to see our classmates and everyone in the university very soon, but I know that this time apart is a low price to pay to  help to maintain everyone safe."

Apply for winter semester 2022/23

Applications open November 2nd 2021