Marcello Barreto de Pinho from Brazil

MSc AE 2001

In Donauwörth, 6 April

"Me and my family, we are doing well. I became an employee from Airbus since 2019. I'm working in Donauwörth developing new solutions and solving all day problems related to the fuel system of NH90 and H135 helicopters. I'm the System Design responsible.

The Corona hast changed a lot the way of work. We were divided in two Teams (red and blue). The Teams are forbidden to meet each other. Also different Toilettes for each Team was defined. But most of Engineering departments had Home-Office. I'm also in Home-Office since the third week of March. I'm using the Home-Office time in order to solve some complicate issues, because I can concentrate myself better and not getting interrupted through meetings and daily problems."

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